Strict sanitary measures have been implemented in the Teletón Theater, starting on Tuesday, September 1 and during the development of the event “Vamos Chilenos”, in order to take care of the health of workers, producers, artists and communicators.

The first sanitary filter is a triage that consists of collecting data for traceability, a health questionnaire and taking the temperature, to then proceed to the delivery of the mask, which must be used throughout the day and will be changed every 4 hours.

Next, the rapid test for detection of covid-19, mandatory for all people entering the theater, for which they have been requested to arrive half an hour before the corresponding summons. If someone has contracted covid during the last months, they must carry their registration card and, for greater security, the Antigen Test will be applied, which determines if the virus is active or inactive in the body.

Both the Theater and the offices are sanitizadas once a day and there is a tent outside the enclosure for food service, with a maximum capacity of 30 people simultaneously. In addition, in the only available entrance of the Teletón theater, a smart totem was available to mitigate possible infections. This device from the company SimaDigital controls the temperature, educates on the correct wearing and use of masks and has a non-contact alcohol gel device incorporated.

All these measures are added to the gel alcohol dispensers arranged in various sectors and dividers on the desks. In addition, all the vehicles arranged by the event production are sanitized after each trip.

Ximena Casarejos, Executive Director of Fundación Teletón, indicates that “we have all the security regulations to make this transmission, just like what we did on April 3 and 4, where we did not have any contagion.”

The money raised during the campaign will go to the Conecta Mayor foundation, of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, for the Virtual Help and Communication Center called CONECTA MAYOR, aimed at communicating and accompanying the elderly. In addition, a special food and supplies kit for people of this age will be delivered. The idea is that the aid can be projected in time.


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