The strong crown has made people cheaper. Who now buys a car from abroad, uet destky tisc

Euro is you crown cheapest at dark 14 let. In the last 30 days alone, she lost NB one whole crown

car from the ground eurozny As a result, the jumps became cheaper by about 4%. For used in prices pl million crown zkaznk uet pipeline 20 tisc

The exchange rate thus reversed the trend zdraovn used cars, but only temporarily. Carvago recommends buying neotlet

Prague 14. January 2022: Gym
esk crown we euros is a good first for motorists who consider buying
car from abroad. The development of the exchange rate reversed the unfavorable trend in the used and re-used market Octavia is now on average by 20 and 40 thousand crown cheaper not the December arrest. This is a temporary phenomenon. Factors that throughout the year
2021 used prices pushed up, they didn’t go anywhere and the cars started to jump again heal.

Behind the decline in prices for imported cars is the policy of the Czech National Bank, which in response to the growing inflation last raised in December last year annual rate at 3.75 percent. Basic years rate is thus the highest since 2008. Comparison of the exchange rate listed on the website of December 10 2021 with the course of January 10 this year speaks for itself. Arrested in December euro traded for 25,365 K, weakened to 24,360 in January K. When to compare the November forecast NB with the real development of the exchange rate, we see that the exchange rate in mid-January significantly approached the values ​​predicted for the first quarter year 2022.

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Developing a course is a good start for everyone who is about to come first car from abroad, k Jakub ulta, CEO of the European trit with used cars Kodiaq code
with the first registration in 2018, 4×4 drive, 2.0 TDI 140 kW engine with automatic transmission and a range of about 75,000 km nmeckm market in December last year sold an average of 842 thousand crown, tu samou nyn zkaznk koup o tm 34 tisc levnji jen dky slc crown. For expensive cars, the dispute logically moves in the high thousands.

Jakub ulta recommends pozen
car do not defer. According to him, the situation will now be offset by the fact that many dealers used discounts after the New Year on cars that they failed to sell last year.. At, users can now easily filter out these discounted cars, he warns. The combination of a suitable exchange rate and discounts provides the only way to go abroad from the conditions that will be later in in 2022 u unreachable, dodv.

Especially high-quality used cars are disappearing from the market. The situation is not such that the market is not used cars, na prvn view it’s not for the layman. In the moment of the purchase itself, however, the consumer will very quickly find out that if you are looking for used goods in perfect condition, the collection is essential,
said Jan Skla, director of purchasing and logistics at Carvago.
V lt year 2021 we analyzed seven million daily advertisements daily
Of Europe, today it’s something about pti. The movement of new cars is limited by the reality in automobile industry av prbhu year 2022 can’t be expected to stick,

Carvago therefore seeks second-hand advice for maximum obesity. We recommend buying only cars with a physical test, such as CarAudit, Skla range. Within CarAudit, an experienced mechanic will conduct more than 270 points and will draw up a detailed report with all the shortcomings identified. The customer will thus get a perfect idea of ​​the actual state of the search cars and I am informed to decide whether I am interested in him.

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