The study warns: the shower heads are a source of bacteria

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The study warns: the heads of the shower source of bacteria, citing the site of the Egyptian today, Saturday 10 November 2018.

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A recent medical study has warned that your showerhead could be loaded with bad bacteria that transmit lung infection.

Most people know how to keep bathrooms clean, especially the bathroom and the washing machine, but the researchers found that the shower heads in the US and Europe could be an important source of lung disease transmission due to germs "mutants" that grow in this part of the body. The shower to become a pneumonia infection is common.

"We live in a world covered with bacteria, we are constantly exposed to microbes in our daily lives, some are useful, others are harmful," said Dr. Matthew J. Gebert, researcher at the Institute of Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado. "The shower heads and water distribution systems thrive, In the lung

For the study, Gebert and his colleagues analyzed the showers from homes in the United States and Europe and found high levels of bacteria, where the type of bacteria varies depending on where they are grown.

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Source: Egyptian today


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