the sublime struggle of "Street Fighter V" was a fake


A Homeric clash between two Ryu has been around the community of players this weekend. It was a choreographic demonstration – but a demonstration.

By William Audureau Published yesterday at 21h04, updated yesterday at 21h04

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"Beautiful", "incredible", "witchcraft". Words were missing from many Twitter users when they commented on a tweet that showed a stunning video of a game. Street Fighter V, I've seen almost six million times.

And indeed, it is difficult to make the impressive show between two of the best players in the world of the Capcom fighting game, the Japanese Itabashi Zangief (left) and Sako (right), both at the helm of Ryu, the iconic hero of the series .

First a sequence of perfectly symmetrical shots, then an alternation of eye-to-eye shots, a tooth for a tooth, a terrible Sako chain that leaves Itabashi Zangief's bar almost empty, then a dramatic turnaround. And while the two players are on the edge of KO, the cinematic launch of a Hadoken Shinku – their definitive shot – is launched simultaneously, giving rise to a perfect draw.

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The equivalent of a 38-38 between England and Scotland in rugby, or an epic of 5-5 between Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille in football in 2009.

With the exception that this fight of Street Fighter has been entirely choreographed.

"None of the movements played makes sense"

"They did it for the show and they are both extremely happy in the end to have succeeded, because it is made so that it looks good on the screen, and it works", suggest Ken Bogard, commentator and animator for the site. Expert in fighting games, he immediately noticed it"None of the movements played makes sense" : Sako refuses to hit when he has victory at arm's length; some very aesthetic parades are used in unnecessary moments, just like Dragon Punch, a spectacular jump but which makes it very vulnerable, are placed, despite common sense, to raise a caliber.

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"A game as symmetrical, in a tournament, is impossible, except that of going first agreement"also remembers Ken Bogard, who speaks of very rare cases, only at the first stroke, when two players who play the same character want to greet each other, as a sign of respect. But nothing lasts on an entire game.

Other details that make one vibrate: the two professionals play the Ryu Ryu, which is not their usual fighter, and the meeting takes place in a competition, contrary to the conventions of the medium.

The game was an exhibition for Japanese television, demystifying the specialist, for whom the company is relativizing. "For the two of them, who are among the top 32 among the best players in the world, it is relatively easy"he smiles as he greets an exhibition "Supersympa".

The Evo Moment 37 indétrôné

This meeting will not dethrone the "Moment 37", a cult game in the history of e-sports, characterized by a defensive sequence in high definition and a masterful counterattack. "It was a tournament, in an unlikely match, in the most unlikely moment", says Ken Bogard.

Another highlight of the video game scene, not choreographed, is the 2018 Capcom Cup final between Itabashi Zangief and Gachikun. "Very high level, anticipation, which is the heart of Street Fighter V ", applauds Ken Bogard. "It was a bad time."

William Audureau

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