The Suez Canal is finally considering a canal widening option where Ever Given is stuck on page all

ISMAILIA, – The Suez Canal Authority is considering expanding the southern canal, the waterway in place Ever Given’s ship got stuck.

In addition, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is also procuring cranes that can unload loads at heights of up to 52 meters.

“Our procedures are good, we only aim to improve services,” said SCA Chairman Osama Rabie Reuters on Tuesday (6 // 4/2021).

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The 400-meter (1,310 ft) Ever Given was pinched diagonally across the southern part of the canal during high winds on March 23.

The canal remained stuck for six days, holding hundreds of ships from passing and significantly impacting global trade flows.

Once free, the giant container ship was taken to a lake that separated the two sections of the canal where the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) was carrying out an investigation.

Rabie said data from the ship’s recorders had been retrieved and submitted to the investigating committee. Ships are allowed to travel again after the procedure is complete.

“We’re talking about two or three more days, God willing. But we won’t take much time,” he said.

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According to him, the committee investigating the runway consisted of five or six members with legal, maritime, rescue and administrative expertise. The incident is said to have caused great damage in Egypt.

“We use about 15 tugboats, for six days. We work 24 hours a day. We use two dredges. We use launch assistance,” said Rabie.

“The canal was closed for six days. That alone caused major damage.”

SCA has stated it will continue to serve ships the size of Ever Given, and strengthen its ability to tackle problems in the future.

“We will try to get two more tugboats, with a traction of more than 200, 250, up to 280 tonnes depending,” said Rabie.

Authorities are also studying and planning a possible expansion of the southern part of the canal, the area where Ever Given is trapped.

“If there is a section of 250 meters that needs expansion, maybe we make it 400 meters,” said Rabie.

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