“The Summerhouse of the Stars”: Disgusting Wendler and Po-Grapscher: Lock them up and never let them out again


The games in the “summer house of the stars” go into the next round. And the D-celebrities around Michael Wendler, Willi gentlemen and Co. chew the big issues this time: Take a pinch of pedophilia, a dash of loyalty, a bit of popo-bawling and a decent load of sexual harassment and the wild thing is over Rocked cottage the failed celebrity existences.

“Sommerhaus der Stars”: Michael Wendler and Willi Herren discuss Wendler's relationship

The beginning of the horror cabinet is Michael Wendler. The pop singer absolutely wants to prove how normal his relationship with 18-year-old Laura Müller is and unmasked completely. Lying on the bed, he strokes the scantily clad woman on her butt. It seems that – yes, really! – Great to find, encourage him to keep going. “Honey, you make it so sweet, petting my bum,” she tells him. “I can not show your Popo like that,” replies the Wendler, while he pulls her already tight panties over the backside. Upsi, but shown. And Wendler is also not afraid to motivate Willi Herren to touch. “Do you want to go?” He asks gentlemen. The actor, obviously disgusted, is probably similar to the majority of the audience and one wonders what is happening to one. Do you feel here about with gentlemen?

It gets even worse when the Majorca musicians talk about girls in the kitchen and discuss what's borderline and what's not. “Borderline is when you take on children,” Wendler argues. No, no, Michi, this is punishable and forbidden, not borderline. “You know how 16-year-olds can be today,” he says to gentlemen. Yes, how? Naive and too young maybe? Even gentlemen can hardly hold back. He would try to make his daughter's friend, he tries to explain himself. “They're not minors anymore, they're not twelve, they're already done at 15,” says Wendler and – sorry – now something vomit just came up.

Sommerhaus 1200Education test and the naked hate

Who thinks, it can not get worse, does not know the inhabitants of the summerhouse yet. But first it goes for exactly the first game of the week. Here, the gentlemen must answer questions about their relationship. If the answer is wrong, they have to pour a bucket of questionable contents over their heads. Especially the intellectually slightly damaged “Love Island” pair Elena and Mike reaches its limits here. “Krass, how stupid you can be,” the spirited Elena mobs her slightly grinning friend. “Separation, separation, do not mind,” she yells in a rage and complains, her friend would never stand behind her.

Those who do not find the remote control fast enough will find out that both the Herrens and Benjamin Boyce and his girlfriend are not preventing, pulling out Quentin and taking the pill from Menowin Fröhlich's wife. Did not you want to know? Thanks, we do not either. But shared suffering is half suffering. Menowin Fröhlich then breaks off the exam. After all, what he and his girlfriend are doing in the bedroom is only up to her and him, he explains, and they want to kiss him. Not really, but at least you want to thank him for this indulgence.

MeToo discussion in the “summer house”

After the disgust is before the nausea test: Living together with Jessika Cardinahl's husband Quentin Parker turns out to be a challenge for the residents. Because Quentin digs what it lasts. Not like the Wendler's own partner, no, the Americans fumbling at what's in his way. Menowin also has “a great ass”, he lets his roommates know. Like an old horny buck, he gazes at the influencers Elena and Yeliz on the back while the squats are doing. “Every woman has such a beautiful body, I want to touch that,” he says into the camera and one may be glad that followed by a cut, otherwise the permissive Quentin might have run a slobber thread from the mouth.

Menowin Fröhlich introduces Quentin Parker to the “Sommerhaus der Stars”

“You can not forbid anyone to watch, but it's impossible to touch”, he finds Mike just as “blatantly stupid” insulted and proves that he may not be quite as “blatantly stupid”, as his girlfriend finds. Even Vox emigrant Steffi Bartsch has already been the victim of Quentin's grapsch attacks, as she tells her husband Roland and Johannes and Yeliz. “What does the old sack mean because of who he is?” Roland Bartsch revolted indignantly. The furious North Rhine-Westphalian talks then completely in rage. “I itch like that, I would like to burst so”, he grunts, only to then directly back down. “It does not help to give him the opinion, because I know that Steffi suffers from that.” That is all the courage, the vindictiveness, the unrestrained desire to save the honor of his wife. He's also a pretty big guy, the Quentin.

Sommerhaus der Stars_14HourMenowin takes a look at the Grapscher

Ultimately, the prison-experienced Menowin must take the grappler to the chest. “I have a big hand, I like grabbing a stranger's wife's ass and I'm expecting an answer,” the Menovin wants to explain his intention. The women would just have to give him a back pipe, but unfortunately the “reaction times of women are as different as those of men”.

A translation attempt: Quentin wants to catch everyone and everyone on the buttocks, especially beautiful women, and because they do not scour him, they have had bad luck.

And it gets even more absurd: Menowin now has permission from him to beat his wife Jessika's ass. The little alpha males Mike and Menowin summarize the behavior of the aging pleasure pig: sexual harassment be it. They are right.

Meanwhile, the Wendler and his mini-bride pull their evil cuddle show on. “We still need a love room,” whispers the little Laura into the camera and nestles against her smirking friend. “Laura is really willing,” he says and at the latest now would like to pepper the remote control against the TV set, so that it shatters into a thousand small pieces.

Wendler Video_12.10 UhrQuentin and Jessika leave the house voluntarily

In the end, Quentin and Jessika get the butt-receipt in the nomination round. Knowing that they will most likely not find any more friends in this horrific house of worn-out existences, they wisely pack their own suitcases. With an apology he may have learned at the Weinstein Institute for Old White Men, Quentin asks forgiveness: “I have big hands, I touch all people as well, it's just who I am,” he says. In the coming week, a new couple will be sent to the horror house for the drop-out couple: former “Big Brother” participant Sabrina Lange and her partner.

So far, a few things are coming out of the summer house: only the “Bachelor / ette” veterans Johannes and Yeliz are sympathetic here. Roland and Steffi Bartsch make every effort, but seem as lost as Laura, if she does not cling like a monkey to her Wendler. The young woman can only wish that she realizes as quickly as possible, what a bad game her pop singer-friend plays with her. With a little luck, she can at least use her Instagram subscribers for a mediocre influencer career.

Or else RTL takes a heart, simply closes the entire celebrity pile in the summer house, throws the key into the sewage system and the arbor is ready.


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