The super-expensive Samsung S10 flagship can easily break even a child. video


Samsung fiasco

The flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10 were vulnerable to the crunching of the photos: the integrated facial recognition algorithms do not do their job. Above all, this also applies to the more expensive S10 + with 1 TB of memory and a ceramic case, whose price in Russia reaches 125 thousand rubles. The first devices were offered for sale in Russia on March 7, 2019.

In addition, Samsung's new flagships, according to the Android Authority resource, do not know how to determine the sex of a person – if the owner of the device has a twin of the opposite sex, can remove the lock, including the use of his photo . Moreover, to hack a smartphone, it is not even necessary to print a picture on paper: just display it on the screen of another device, be it a tablet, a monitor, a screen of a laptop or another smartphone.

The dactyloscope does not work either

In addition to facial recognition, the Galaxy S10 and S10 + smartphones use other modern technology to protect information: a fingerprint scanner integrated into the display. Here it is not optical, as in most smartphones, but ultrasonic, which increases the accuracy of its response. But, like all under-sensor sensors, the sensor in S10 and S10 + can stop working when strong scratches appear on the screen during operation or cracks due to falls or negligence.


All you need to unlock S10 is your picture on the screen of another smartphone.

Everything about the fingerprint scanner is also partly about the younger Galaxy S10e: it uses the classic look of a fingerprint camera and can even fail if its surface is covered with scratches. The sensor here, we remember, is incorporated in the lateral part of the body. However, he too can not guarantee 100% protection against hacking, especially from an intelligent neural network that has learned to take fingerprints in seconds.

Samsung in the know

The South Korean developers are aware of the "features" of the facial recognition system of the Galaxy S10 series smartphones. They immediately warned that the activation of this feature could make the device less resistant to hacking. However, it is not yet known whether they are planning to release a patch in the near future that will eliminate such a serious gap.

As a result, smartphones cost from 57 thousand rubles. there are only classic means of blocking present also in devices for 6 thousand rubles. – PIN or password, text or graphics. To bypass this protection without special knowledge, programs and tools will not work.

Continuity of generations

Samsung's flagships have long suffered from the inability to distinguish an image from a real person, as well as the true owner from his twin. A similar problem occurred in the Galaxy S8 model, whose release marked the Korean supplier's transition to frameless smartphones.

In S8 a retinal scanner is implemented that can also be bypassed by snapshot or by using contact lenses. Samsung and therefore was aware of the situation, however, even after two years, the "childhood disease" of smartphones has not been eliminated. By the way, the S8 dactyloscope, although it works properly, can not boast a comfortable position – it has been positioned at a subtle distance from the main camera, which makes it necessary to reach it constantly with the right finger.

Common problem

The face recognition technology is still far from being perfect, which can also be seen in the example of Face ID, which is much more complex from a technical point of view than Apple's Samsung algorithms. Introduced in 2017 on the iPhone X smartphone, the system is made up of several sensors (a corporate cut-out was invented on the screen for placing them) and projects thousands of points on the face for the next scan.


Hacking an iPhone X for $ 1000 with a $ 150 3D mask

Taking into account all the features, it is very difficult to get around Face ID, but this possibility is still there: for example, you can recreate an exact 3D copy of the face of the smartphone owner. You can unlock an iPhone with an active facial recognition system with the help of a twin (brother or sister) – in Russia there is also a similar case. But, if Samsung leaves users an alternative in the form of fingerprint scanners, in the current Apple smartphone the Touch ID fingerprint is no longer there.



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