The Supreme Court lowers the sentence of two brothers who raped the nanny at their home in Madrid

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The Supreme Court has lowered the sentences of 14 and 7 years in prison to 12 and 6 years two brothers who raped a minor after getting her drunk at her home in Madrid, where she had gone to work as a babysitter for one of them, in application of the Law on only yes is yes.

The events occurred in April 2017. On the 24th, the 17-year-old victim went to the home sent by her aunt, who had found out that the tenants were looking for a babysitter. There she was received by one of the convicts, who was the baby’s father, who after explaining her work, invited her to something to drink and began to touch her even though she asked him to stop.

Far from stopping, the condemned man “in order to cloud her senses, supplied her with several glasses of beer”, causing the minor to reach a state of intoxication, after which, he undressed her and raped her, without her being able to do anything given the state of drunkenness in which he was found and the corpulence of the defendant, according to the sentence.

On the 26th, the victim’s aunt reminded her that she had to go back to work at the same house because that was how she had committed herself to the baby’s mother, for which reason the minor felt compelled to return so as not to disappoint her aunt and because she needed the job. That day, the youngest arrived, she went for a walk with the baby and when she returned her father was already awake. He again prepared several alcoholic drinks that she accepted but when she proposed to have sex, the minor refused.

At that moment, the other condemned man came out of one of the rooms, the brother of the previous one, who grabbed the young woman and, taking advantage of the fact that she was drunk, took her to his room and raped her. Shortly after, her father entered this room, took her minor against her will, took her to her bedroom, and despite the fact that she told him that she wanted to leave her, her defendant he raped her again.

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