The Supreme Court opens a case against PP senator Manuel Baltar for a crime against road safety

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The Supreme Court has agreed to open proceedings and investigate the senator of the Popular Party (PP) Jose Manuel Baltar when appreciating signs of a crime against road safety, and has appointed the judge of the Criminal Chamber as the investigator of the case Ana Ferrer.

The Criminal Court On September 27, the Supreme Court received testimony of a quick trial and urgent proceedings sent by courts of Zamora y Puebla de Sanabriainitiated by virtue of a report from the Civil Guard for the commission of an alleged crime against road safety when the senator and president of the PP of Ourense was driving a motor vehicle at a speed higher than that determined in the Penal Code.

Once confirmed that Baltar is a senator in the current legislature, the Supreme Court requested a report from the Prosecutor’s Officewhich declared the jurisdiction of the Chamber to hear it and make the appointment of an instructor.

In its order, the Supreme Court explains that, before the case was sent to the high court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office had presented a document of accusation against Baltar, considering him the author of a crime against road safety, in the form of driving motor vehicles at speed. speed higher than that legally permitted in article 379.1 of the Penal Code.

And he had requested the imposition of a six-month fine at a daily rate of 10 euros, with the subsidiary personal liability that in case of non-payment establishes article 53 of the Penal Code and 1 year and 1 day of deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds.

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