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Having won the crown of Our Latin beauty 2018 (NBL), Migbelis Castellanos I could not be happier for this triumph and is more grateful to all those who crossed his path and helped to prepare himself as a beauty queen, even with those with whom he had some friction, as Osmel Sousa. When the so-called & # 39; Zar of Beauty & # 39; he was the president of the Miss Venezuela Organization, he and Migbelis had tensions, which translated into a distance between them. Despite this, he recognized his work at the interior of the organization and in full release of El Gordo and La Flaca (Univision) He dedicated a message to him, which Osmel thanked on his social networks.

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In the early days of his reign, Migbelis had an intense program with the media and his way Fat and thin He spoke to the contest's presenters and also had a special message for his mentor years ago. "Osmel I love you very much, really, it's still my school because it prepared me in 2013"said the queen of NBL. The model added that the problems they had are a thing of the past. "We have had many discussions as husband and wife, I believe that in a past life he and I got married and that's why we had that in this life we ​​had those conflicts," he said.

The business man of Cuban origin has shared in his social network the statements of the queen of NBL and he gave him a message in which he wished him good luck in this professional adventure and advised him not to let him pass the opportunities that had to arise. "Regardless of our differences, I'm happy for many of your triumphs, you were one of my Miss Venezuela and nobody will change it.Enjoy this experience and get the best from the benefits because the talent exceeds Migbelis, with the greatest affection I celebrate today for you ".


Fans of both applauded the attitude of both, highlighting their maturity and diplomacy to manage the conflicts they had a long time ago and added congratulations to the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2018.

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Where do the frictions between Osmel and Migbelis come from?

Second Univision, it was during the period of the auditions to compete NBL, that the differences between Osmel and Migbelis have come to light. The 23-year-old revealed to the cameras of the show the allegations that the Cuban businessman has made on his figure and that he has constantly attacked saying that he would lose Miss Universe for its extra pounds.

"The weight attack always came from my boss, Osmel Sousa, I do not judge him because it was his responsibility, but I think they could have managed it in a better way." I remember once very abrupt, telling me: " she's a fat woman, "Migbelis explained to the reality show audience. Univision and the judges.



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