The sweetness of 40 thousand Salcedo ice creams will come to the United States | Economy | News

The first export of traditional Salcedo ice creams (Cotopaxi) left for Cleveland (United States) on April 24, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock said in a press release. There are 43,236 ice creams of 130 grams, which left the Port of Guayaquil in a 40-foot container.

The Minister of Agriculture, Xavier Lazo, said that this is the result of a joint work with Agrocalidad, which implements the policy of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the country.

The official highlighted the link of producers for this type of exports, since “in the container are ice creams made with 7000 liters of milk, more than two tons of fruits such as blackberry, naranjilla and taxo”, thereby opening a niche for market for non-traditional products, he said.

Ice creams are made by Proalbac company. The export destination is the company Mega Products Llc.

Juan Carlos Balseca, from the exporting company, affirmed that in the production of ice creams, milk acquired in collection centers that comply with GAP is used, as well as certified fruit. “It represents the effort that farmers make in the field,” said Balseca in reference to this first business.

According to the MAG, the sale benefits about 100 families directly and 700 indirectly. (I)

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