The sweetness of “Mohamed Salah’s poetry” raises controversy in Egypt | sports

This week, the Egyptian market is witnessing the spread of a new product bearing the name of Liverpool’s top scorer and English Premier League star, Mohamed Salah.

The Arab and Islamic worlds celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, which falls on the 19th of this month, corresponding to the 12th of Rabi’ al-Awwal of the Hijri year.

One of the manifestations of the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday in Egypt, as in many Arab and Islamic countries, is the spread of candy products in various shapes and types, but in Egypt this year, among the new products was a “hair” candy that bore the name of the current Liverpool and former Rome star Mohamed Salah, who is currently In the camp of the Egyptian national team to play against Libya in the third and fourth rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The sweetness of Mohamed Salah’s hair, is a product of hair sweetness (similar to cotton candy), which was placed by the producing company in a cheap plastic box, the price of which does not exceed 5 pounds, and a picture of a popular design was pasted on it with the face of Mohamed Salah and the word “Mohamed Salah’s hair sweetness.” , without indicating the name of the company that manufactured the product.

The factory only indicated that the product was issued by the industrial zone in 6th of October City, and it was produced this month, and its validity period is only 6 months, with a permit from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

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Despite the ridicule of some pioneers of social networking sites about the name of the product, and the use of Mohamed Salah to promote it, they emphasized the quality of the taste and taste of sweetness.

It is certain that the company that issued the sweetness of Mohamed Salah’s hair never contacted the company that owns the image of the Egyptian star and his agent, Ramy Abbas, in order to use his image, as it is known that the trademark of Salah’s image is expensive and difficult to use that easily.

“We hope to learn to market a brand from these people before they file a case against them and go bankrupt,” the famous Egyptian marketing expert, Othman Badran, said on his official Facebook account. Congratulations to Mohamed Salah.

Salah’s agent has many strict stances against anyone who tries to violate and hack his client’s image, and he had a famous case before the 2018 World Cup in Russia with officials of the Egyptian Football Association, after placing a picture of Salah with the rest of his colleagues on the plane of the Egyptian national team sponsored by We Don. Back to the sponsors of Salah.

But despite Abbas’s strict positions in this regard, it is unlikely that he will move against the company or factory that produces “Salah’s hair sweetness” due to the lack of popularity of the product worldwide, and because it is a non-international company, as happened in the chocolate advertisement in which the Egyptian Federation used Salah’s image before the World Cup 2018.

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Popular products companies in Egypt have previously produced goods bearing the image and name of Mohamed Salah, and Abbas did not attack them from near or far.

The image of Salah is used in all cafes and small projects to attract customers, and it was also used on the Ramadan lantern, and in the center of Cairo on a cart selling one of the popular Egyptian foods, beans, and the cart bore the name “Liverful”.

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