The Tahiti Gate: the political scandal that affects the mayor of Paris

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The case has already been baptized as the ‘Tahiti gate’. Is he latest political scandal in Francestarring the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. At the center of the controversy: a trip of more than three weeks, official and private, for work and leisure, that began in New Caledonia with the official delegation, and just on an island in French Polynesia, near Tahiti, vacation.

It occurred between October 16 and November 5. A delegation from the Paris Mayor’s Office traveled to the area with the aim of visit the Olympic infrastructures where the surf tests in the Olympic Games that the French capital celebrates next summer. The displacement went unnoticed until the weekly The chained Duck published some details of it.

The Parisian finished sowing suspicion by revealing that the final part of the trip was dedicated to Hidalgo visit his daughter and take advantage of a few days of rest and, however, did not visit the aforementioned facilities. The mayor’s deputy in charge of the Olympic Games, Pierre Rabadan, who was in the delegation, has acknowledged to the French media that Hidalgo “took advantage of such a distant trip” to combine that professional trip with a visit to his daughter.

Several questions arise: who paid the trip and if the dates of the same They were made to coincide with the school holiday week in France. An anti-corruption association has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate whether the trip complies with the code of ethics and whether these vacations were paid for with public money.

The opposition, which judges that the socialist travels too much (she has made 13 trips so far this year), has questioned its legality. “You have decided to desert Paris for a whole month to go to Tahiti… It is shocking,” David Alphand, from the right-wing opposition, rebuked him in the council held on Wednesday. Rachida Dati, the main opposition leader, has demanded that he make public the detailed costs of the trip: Otherwise “it will be Justice that will do it.”

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