The Taliban are calling for an end to the US presence in Afghanistan during the Moscow conference

KABUL, 7 Nov. (Xinhua) – The Taliban group has announced that it will send a delegation to the Moscow Peace Conference, which will discuss the end of the presence of US troops in Afghanistan, as declared by the organization on Wednesday. .

The group said that a delegation will attend the meeting in Moscow, scheduled for November 9, to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and seek the exit of what they call the "American occupation" of the country Asian.

"There is one particular point that needs clarification, this conference is not about negotiating with any particular party, but about conducting profound discussions to find a peaceful solution to the Afghan dilemma and ending the occupation of the United States, "the Taliban reported. through a statement on his website.

These publications followed the statements of the Afghan government, which stated that it did not intend to send a delegation to the Moscow meeting, where it will discuss how to resolve the Afghan chaos to resume peace in the area.

On the other hand, the government of Afghanistan has stated on several occasions that it only wants to participate in the negotiations initiated and led by Afghanistan to negotiate with the Afghan armed opposition, but supports any peace dialogue where Afghan interests are in the first place. plane.

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