‘The taste of wife’ Ham So-Won, who is surrounded by suspicion of manipulation after’in-law’s villa and voice band’

TV Chosun’Wife’s Taste’

[뉴시스] Reporter Nam Jung-hyun = While broadcaster Ham So-won got off TV Chosun’s’wife’s taste’ due to various controversies, a new suspicion of manipulation was raised.

It is doubtful that the’wife’s taste’ side made a deliberate episode for the image of Ham So-won’s’San-soon’.

Recently, some netizens on a community site have an episode in “Last year’s’wife’s taste’ where Ham So-won wears small pants for her daughter and listens to Pinjan from her pro-cheong mother. It was okay, but in the previous scene, the appearance of the couple wearing new pants and moving to the meeting place for their daughter was caught,” he claimed.

The broadcast was 124 episodes of’The Wife’s Taste’, which aired on November 17 last year. In the broadcast that day, Ham So-won’s mother revealed her regret when she saw her granddaughter wearing shortened pants. Then Ham So-won said, “I can wear shorts next year.” So So-won Ham’s brother hurriedly went to the department store to buy new clothes and changed So-won Ham’s daughter’s clothes.


TV Chosun’Wife’s Taste’

According to the netizen, the problem is that before Sowon Ham met his family, the appearance of Sowon Ham’s daughter wearing new pants was captured on the screen. Later, in the scene of meeting the family, the daughter’s pants were changed to different clothes.

Previously,’The Taste of Wife’ was suspicious of various manipulations such as the villa of Ham So-won’s in-law, the newlyweds’ house, and the voice band, but the production crew and Ham So-won are not giving any apology or explanation.

In response, about 10 viewers applied for a complaint to the Korea Communications Standards Commission alleging that So-won Ham was acting as a voice in the scene where So-Won Ham’s mother-in-law spoke on the phone with her youngest brother in’The Taste of Wife’ broadcasted on the 23rd. .

Meanwhile, Ham So-won is having a good time with her mother-in-law Mama despite this controversy.

On the 31st, Ham So-won delivered a video through his social network service to convey the current situation. In the released video, Ham So-won and his mother-in-law’Mama’ are dancing happily together. The two people dancing and smiling looks very happy.

Instagram ‘ham_so1’


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