The teacher was upset by distance learning, so she came up with the application ví

The lack of feedback from children and the low involvement of pupils in teaching frustrated the Pilsen teacher Miloslava Schnebergerová so much so that with the help of a programmer and the father of one of the students Ladislav Kafka invented its own application for distance learning ví The application allows the teacher to monitor students’ reactions in real time, ask them questions and communicate individually about the curriculum.

It is a web application that is available on both computers and mobile devices and is an additional service to video conferencing tools. The project was created in six weeks, and teachers can send children quizzes, questions about understanding the material, ask students how they feel or watch who is currently registered via the web interface. Pupils can answer all at once, with only the teacher seeing the answers.

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The ví application

The educator also has information on how quickly the students respond or whether he has their attention. “It’s something that the camera and microphone just don’t give me and I’m missing. But I already know that I will use it in full-time teaching, because all children can give me answers at once independently of each other, and this is something that has not been possible before. In addition, they enjoy it, it makes them happy to answer and everyone is much more involved in teaching, ”explains Schnebergerová, who teaches at one of the primary schools in Pilsen.

“Our aim is to make learning fun for children and at the same time effective, so that they enjoy teaching and the actual verification of knowledge. co-founder and programmer of the project The ví application is now available for a fee to those interested in other schools.

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