The teachers refused to report the plan to the class and categorized their measures as "disproportionate"

A resounding refusal has formulated the Teacher's College to the report that prepared the plan "Everyone in the classroom", promoted by the government and aimed at reducing administrative overhead in schools.

The application was conformed by 16 experts and presided over by the former militant of the Christian Democrats, Mariana Aylwin, has been qualified by the educational union as a partial, since 9 of its participants correspond to the owners of private schools, being the vision that eventually prevailed in the document.

The president of the College of Professors, Mario Aguilar, added that the report does not address the classroom issues and rather points to a reduction of state controls, with regard to the use of public resources in schools, adding that if these approaches are translate into bills, the government will promote a counter-reform.

The Director of the Master in Leadership and Educational Management of the Faculty of Education of the University Diego Portales and former head of the Division of General Education of the previous government, Gonzalo Muñoz, said that the great challenge that will have the committee All the Classroom, not it will be to go back in the system's regulation.

From the College of Teachers have argued that under the pretext of the bureaucratisation of schools, Disproportionate measures are proposed, since the subsidy silver is not supplied separately.

Radio Bío Bío contacted the president of the agency, Mariana Aylwin, who although at one point was willing to respond to criticism from the College of Teachers, later refused to give up his position until the government made public the report, which has already been concluded and is in the hands of the authorities.


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