The Teatre Arniches says goodbye to January with the Brecht theater and the flamenco circus

VALENCIA. The Arniches theater in Alicante offers two scenic proposals within its scheduled program on the days January 29 and 30. The territorial delegate of the Valencian Institute of Culture in Alicante, Alicia Garijo, highlights the importance of continuing to offer a multidisciplinary line of programming, with diverse proposals that follow strict quality criteria and that promote the promotion of new scenic languages.

“The Teatre Arniches programming for this weekend is proof that in the new formats we find wide-ranging proposals capable of fulfilling, not only a didactic or reflective function, but also a playful one,” says Garijo. He adds that “the public attending the Arniches this weekend will find two shows for reflection, a magnificent occasion to have fun, as always, in conditions of safety and comfort.”

On Friday 29, La Extraña Compañía exhibits its original proposal for The exception and the rule, by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht, based on a process of research and collective creation in which gesture and body work take the pulse of the word itself. At the helm of this project is Catalina Lladó who directs on stage a very powerful cast that leads Alba Flores (The paper house), beside Belén López-Valcárcel, Juan Sanchez, Santiago Blanco, Nüll Garcia, Berta de la Dehesa, Sara sanz, and Ana Migallón. Furthermore, the musical compositions of Clara Brea they are performed live.

The exception and the rule brings us closer to the expedition that a foreign merchant undertakes to cross the desert with the aim of discovering new oil wells. The race to arrive first leaving behind the competitors and the harshness of the desert are mixed with cultural and social differences, mistrust and fear. All this will put the characters in an extreme situation.

The 1930 text is the last in Brecht’s didactic theater series, a piece that combines analysis and entertainment. Theater, humor and music in this production that proposes to establish a fun and deep dialogue with the public. On the air, questions such as whether fear can justify violence, or whether justice is possible in a world of inequalities.

On Saturday, January 30, an original appointment with the performing arts for all audiences that combines circus, flamenco and theater thanks to the work of the Andalusian company Chicharrón, which, led by its founder and performer, German Lopez, offers his first show: Sin Ojana, directed by Pepa Gil.

Chicharrón, the last link in a flamenco dynasty, brings the wagon where he keeps the family flamenco peña, in which he will merge the rhythms and measures of flamenco with juggling. Sin Ojana it means without lies, without hypocrisy. A tribute to flamenco, to women and to the future of life. Mixed arts in which, between humor and drama, captures the viewer.

Supported in its creation by institutions such as Circo Price, Zirkozaurre and CIRCADA (which co-produces the show), Sin Ojana It is the result of three years of work and research, which in 2020 obtained the Seal of Recommended Show by the State Network of Theaters (Redescena).


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