Sony and Microsoft are about to open the doors to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively. However, at times it seems that neither company is completely ready to face the challenge of the new generation. Now a report from Jeff Grubb, a journalist from VentureBeat and one of the most trusted sources in the industry today, announced that the technologies of the PS5 would be making it difficult to develop some cross-platform games.

According to Grubb’s statements on the podcast Basement Radio Arcade, certain third party developers are having trouble taking advantage of new technologies in the PlayStation 5. If Sony does not offer a prompt solution, Some cross-platform titles may have lower visual performance than Xbox Series X. Of course, it is an issue that can be verified until the launch of both platforms and a first contact.

It is important to clarify that both Sony and Microsoft have taken quite different paths when it comes to technical potential. While the PlayStation 5 will bet on the speed of the SSD and a CPU with variable clock frequency, the Xbox Series X followed a more traditional path, focusing on a significant performance increase in both the CPU and the GPU. This evidently translates into developing for PS5 requires adapting to new concepts that were not present in the previous generation.

AMD’s SmarShift, PS5’s biggest problem

One of the biggest obstacles that developers are encountering with the PlayStation 5 would have to do with SmartShift, proprietary technology from AMD. As we explained to you a few months ago, SmartShift allows transferring power from the CPU to the GPU to increase the performance of the second and thus improve the graphic section. However, this process is apparently turning out to be more complicated than expected. Although it is a situation that Sony could solve by assisting the developers, Grubb notes that for now they have not.

“At least at launch it would be problematic, to the point where you would start to see stories on Digital Foundry saying ‘PS5 version is inferior’. That will clear up over time, the developers will figure it out, Sony will figure it out and explain ‘this is what you should do’but I understand they are not doing it yet and that is the problem, “added Grubb. So, possibly the first installments next gen of FIFA The Call of DutyTo mention just a few, they will have inferior visual performance on the PlayStation 5.

If you have been attentive to the releases of Sony consoles, surely this situation made you remember what happened with the PS3. Creating games for this console became hell for developers, all due to the Cell processor. However, Grubb affirmed through his Twitter account that the PlayStation 5 situation has nothing to do with the previous problem: “SmartShift is not like the Cell processor”.