The teenage driver survives the spectacular accident at the F3 GP in Macau


MACAU – Teenage driver Sophia Floersch underwent surgery on Monday for a vertebral fracture after a spectacular plane crash in the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix.

The 17-year-old German tweeted on Sunday: "I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm fine but I'm going to surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning … Update soon."

Floersch has a spinal fracture, according to a medical report released by his team, Van Amersfoort Racing, based in the Netherlands.

"The whole world has seen what has happened and we can only thank God that @SophiaFloersch has escaped with relatively light injuries," wrote on Twitter Van Amersfoort Racing. "Our thoughts also go to the other people involved and we wish them a speedy recovery".

The video footage showed that Floersch seems to have scratched the Japanese driver's car Sho Tsuboi as he hurried off the track at high speed on a tight right-hand bend on the fourth lap. Floersch's car then crossed a fence, hit a structure on the perimeter and fell to the ground with security officers immediately on the spot.

The incident resulted in an immediate red flag and a delay of over one hour before the restart of the race.

In a statement published on social media, the FIA ​​government sports authority stated that "the driver (Floersch) is conscious and subsequently taken to the hospital for further evaluation". He added that Tsuboi and "two media members and a marshal were also transferred to a local hospital in a conscious state for further evaluation."

Media reports said Tsuboi has lower back pain.

FIA president Jean Todt issued a statement on Twitter saying that the sports organizing body was "mobilized to help the people involved and analyze what happened.

"All my thoughts are with you @SophiaFloersch and the other wounded. I wish you a safe recovery."

Macau is a former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong.


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