The Templars sue the Pope and demand the rehabilitation of the order, suspended in the year 1312

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The Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ Association, which claims to be the current Templars, has filed a conciliation lawsuit against the Pope Francisco in which he demands the rehabilitation of the order, suspended in the year 1312.

The plaintiffs state in the document, to which Europa Press has had access, that the order was suspended “illegitimately” in 1312 in the Council of Vienna (Bula Vox Calamantis) “not by virtue of a judicial sentence but by virtue of an Apostolic Ordinance by the Pope Clement V” and they assure that “this was a tremendous mistake pressured by the King Philip the Fair“.

According to them, the Order was dissolved through an “infamous process without providing evidence” and “the number of knights on the date of arrest was 15,300 of which 650 were murdered and 14,650 escaped and their Grand Master Jacques de Molay burned at the stake on March 18, 1314.”

Therefore, they demand the “rehabilitation” of the Order of the Templecurrently called the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ, although popularly known as the Order of the Poor Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, or Sovereign Order of the Temple.

At the same time, the plaintiffs ask for financial compensation for the seizure of their assets which, as they indicate, “most of them were delivered to the Order of Saint John of the Hospital called of Malta“.

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