News The Tepito Union diversifies its criminal businesses: now it...

The Tepito Union diversifies its criminal businesses: now it steals construction materials

File Image. There are at least 10 complaints filed with the Mexico City Prosecutor's Office where subjects assault buildings to take the material (Photo: EFE / Jorge Núñez)
File Image. There are at least 10 complaints filed with the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office where subjects assault buildings to take the material (Photo: EFE / Jorge Núñez)

During confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organized crime also diversified.

According to the newspaper The universal, the Attorney General of Justice of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) received 10 reports of thefts from construction companies where there was the same modus operandi: they subdued the watchman or watchman, then they took trucks full of shovels, picks, rods, cement packages, stones and sand.

According to the investigations of the authorities of the Capital Prosecutor’s Office, the perpetrators of these robberies would be a cell of the Tepito Union Cartel. They use stolen materials to build facade constructionss from your organization used to launder money.

The Prosecutor’s Office identified that These constructions are located in the Benito Juárez, Miguel Hidalgo, Álvaro Obregón, Magdalena Contreras municipalities. and they have spread to the south of the City, where are the warehouses where they hide the stolen material, especially in the sector of Topilejo, in the mayor’s office Tlalpan.

(Photo: Wiki Commons)

(Photo: Wiki Commons)

Parallel, Reports of property dispossession also increased, especially in the Cuauhtémoc, Benito Juárez, Miguel Hidalgo and Coyoacá municipalities.n. Subjects linked to the Tepito Union violently seize property and land belonging to the elderly, families with limited resources and without the possibility of establishing a legal battle against them.

The newspaper highlights that according to the research portfolio FIZP / IZP-8 / UI-1 / C / D / 00541 / 07-2020, the criminals make rounds for the constructions that they plan to rob, verify what material and machinery they have, and then assault them.

Although so far the authorities have not identified the leader of this criminal cell, the authorities do not rule out that it is one of the sisters of Roberto Mollado Esparza “El Betito”, since she is in charge of managing several buildings of that organization. and he even appears as a representative of several real estate companies that have boomed since the last administration, the newspaper said, but did not elaborate on it.

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So far it is known that the cell that carries out the robberies is made up of at least 20 people, while a similar number of subjects is in charge of protecting the cellars.

According to investigations by the capital authorities, La Unión Tepito controls the sale of drugs on a large scale: in 12 of the 16 mayors, and the extortions in canteens, restaurants and even costume shops in some of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the CDMX such as the Historic Center, Rome, the Countess, Santa Fe, San Ángel and Polanco.

Last Wednesday, July 8, La Unión Tepito received a strong blow after its main leaders Roberto Esparza Moyado, “El Betito”; David García, “El Pistache” and Óscar Flores, “El Lunares”, were transferred to maximum security prisons.

In total, 25 inmates were removed to federal prisons in Sonora, Oaxaca and Chiapas. The inmates belonged to the South, North, East, and High Security Center prisons known as Diamante.


Unión Tepito: how a complex network of corruption allowed him to spread terror on CDMX

Blow to the leaders of La Unión Tepito: “El Betito”, “El Pistache” and “El Lunares” were transferred to maximum security prisons

The FIU confirmed that La Unión Tepito and the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel are also engaged in human trafficking


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