The term "important" prison required for Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen


A federal prosecutor in New York on Friday recommended a "significant" imprisonment for former Donald Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, despite his collaboration in the Russian investigation.

The former confidant of the president of the United States has committed "serious and deliberate" acts and deserves a "significant" sentence, according to a court document that precedes Wednesday's sentence.

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in August of various misappropriations that came out of the investigation into suspected collusion between Moscow and Trump candidate's team in the 2016 presidential election.

Since then, "he has provided information to investigators, some of whom have helped the special prosecutor" Robert Mueller, "said New York prosecutor Robert Khuzami in his written statement.

For him, "this factor must be taken into consideration" in the sentence.

But his "description of his efforts is exaggerated and sometimes incomplete," the prosecutor added, recommending a "slightly lower" sentence at the 51 to 63 month prison term usually used for the type of crimes he is accused.

Michael Cohen, who once said he was ready to "take a ball" for Donald Trump, admitted last week lying about an investment project of the real estate magnate in Russia on the sidelines of the presidential campaign.

The Republican billionaire had accused him of lying to avoid jail and hoped in a tweet that he had received a "full and complete punishment", violating the constitutional principle of the separation of executive and judicial powers.


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