The terrorist threat returns to Europe: "All states are vulnerable"

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The last friday, Mohamed M.20 years old, of Russian origin and raised in France, burst into the institute where he himself had studied in Arras, in the north of the country, and stabbed a teacher to death and injured three people. This Monday, another man of Tunisian origin shot dead two Swedish citizens in Brussels. The two perpetrators of the deaths were booked and sympathized with the Islamic State.

The threat of terrorism returns Europa in the middle of climbing Near East. Both France and Belgium have raised the alert level to the maximum. In Paris it has been stopped to evacuate the Palace of Versailles twice in three days and there are 7,000 soldiers patrolling the streets. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, was clear yesterday: “All European countries are vulnerable” to this “return of the terrorist threat.”

“A system where the risk of terrorism is totally eradicated will never be possible in a rule of law” and, therefore, we must get used to “living in surveillance,” said the president. Visiting in AlbaniaMacron wanted to warn of the situation facing Europe, at a critical moment in which, in addition to the front in Ukraine, all eyes are now on Israel.

A total of 21 Franco-Israeli citizens have died since last week in Hamas attacks and 11 are missing, probably being held by the terrorist group, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Macron has said that “everything possible is being done to free” the hostages.

Paris feared that the conflict in the Middle East would extend to French soil, where the largest Jewish community in Europe and also 10% of Muslims live. In two weeks there have been a hundred people arrested in France for anti-Semitic acts, according to Interior data. Macron has not directly linked the attacks in Arras and Brussels to the situation in Israel.

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