The Tesla Cybertruck logo can hide the stylized design of the electric truck


There are people to whom we have to take off our hats. They see what no one else has seen before and they reveal fantastic stories. Tesla has a trademark registered with the Cybertruck logo, probably the surname of the electric pickup. KuMX, a user of the Forum, saw the logo and thought that the letters should mean something else besides the name. By reorganizing them, he discovered a stylized design of the electric pickup.

Tesla Truck Render With Ram Pickup

The video above was taken from the forum. If you know KuMX and have posted the video on YouTube or Vimeo, let us know so we can publish it here. It is right that he has all the public possible for his surprising discovery.

The video above is not even the best image that KuMX has made of the future Tesla truck. He reversed some letters and reached the following result:

Does the Tesla Cybertruck logo hide the stylized pickup for electric trucks?

If the stylized design resulting from this puzzle is accurate, we can expect the electric pickup to look like this:

Render of Tesla truck

We were sure that Tesla had hidden the drawing in a picture of a rover on Mars with a bed. This would fit the descriptions of Elon Musk from which he looked like a car Mad Max or Blade Runner. Fortunately for the company, it seems that it will be much more conventional than previously expected, although it is still a long way from the current trucks.

3D rendering of Tesla truck

With the official revelation scheduled for Los Angeles on November 21, Elon Musk promised that it would cost less than $ 50,000. The range will be between 400 mi and 500 mi. Tesla CEO also said that Cybertruck would be able to tow 300,000 pounds.

Best renderings of Tesla Trucks

If these aspects of the electric pickup are confirmed, we will still have to know how Tesla plans to make it wider during towing, which can be a real problem for electric pickups. It will also be interesting to know if it will have new battery technology – like a million mile battery – and when people will be able to buy it. The sooner the better.



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