The Tesla Roadster SpaceX engine will be hidden behind the license plate, says Elon Musk


The new Tesla Roadster will come with an optional "SpaceX package" that will include cold air thrusters to improve performance.

Now CEO Elon Musk says the engine will be hidden behind the license plate.

When he revealed the vehicle for the first time, Musk claimed a list of incredibly impressive features for the new Roadster, including 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, 620 mile radius and more.

Musk has made fun of those specifics such as the "basic specifications" and other versions could be even crazier.

Later, he also said that Tesla will offer a "SpaceX package" that will include cold-air thrusters.

In the beginning, the managing director said that these engines, which are essentially equivalent to small rocket engines, "will significantly improve acceleration, top speed, braking and turns", but it also has said that "it could even allow a Tesla to fly".

He talked about the fact that the Tesla Roadster is capable of hovering from the ground.

It is not yet clear what those thrusters will look like on a car, but now Musk says they will be thin and the rear thruster will even be hidden behind the license plate:

The comment was in response to a Tesla Roadster fan design concept with a designer-inspired SpaceX package inspired by the future Charlie Automotive:

Previously, Musk states that SpaceX's pacakge will remove the Tesla Roadster's back seat because the air tank and compressor will take up space, but it will certainly be thinner than this concept.

After a recent release of the Tesla Roadster prototype, we had our first look at the trunk of the new Roadster generation, as well as the rear seats and the door system.

When it revealed the car in 2017, Tesla declared that they aimed to bring the new Roadster to production in 2020.

The automaker is currently taking reservations for the basic $ 200,000 version with an expensive $ 50,000 deposit and $ 250,000 Founders Series for an even more insane deposit of $ 250,000.

Recently, Musk has attenuated expectations regarding the release time of the new Tesla Roadster – stating that it is not a priority.

Tesla removed the vehicle from its product roadmap in recent presentations.

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