The testimonies reveal Álvaro Prieto’s desperation to return to Córdoba: evicted from Seville-Barcelona when "the conductor had given the departure time"

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Alvaro Prieto tried to go back to Córdoba in every way possible after missing his train in the Santa Justa station (Seville) on the morning of October 12, although in all of them he did so deviating from official channels.

This was revealed by three Renfe reports advanced by EL MUNDO and is now corroborated two essential testimonies for the cause to which this newspaper has also had access. These testimonials help to trace the final part of the journey of the player from Córdoba’s lower categories through the Sevillian station to the extent that they answer why he ended up in the workshop area of ​​the station on the roof of a train and clinging to the catenary, which caused him to be electrocuted .

Alvaro PrietoAccording to these stories, he gradually moved away from the commercial areas of the station until he ended up in the most peripheral ones, clandestinely avoiding platforms, train tracks and tunnels. A stewardess of the Seville-Barcelona convoy from which the young man was expelled for not having a ticket – he snuck in after losing his – and the responsible for supervisors They add to the statements that help investigators reconstruct Prieto’s path before his death.

The supervisor places the boy between the 09.20 y 09.25 in the dock area, an area far from the heart of Santa Justa. The worker saw Alvaro Prieto when leaving a cold room located on the dock. The young man He had arrived there after being kicked off a train for not having a ticket. -which he agreed to by crossing the tracks-, having gone through customer service and trying to buy a ticket at the ticket office for 40 euros to return home. He did not make the purchase because, according to Renfe reports, he had turned off his cell phone and, despite offers to charge it, he rejected it.

It was then that, following this last testimony, he went to the dock. The conductor understands that he could have gotten there, he says, “accessing through the platform tunnels”. When the worker ran into him he was surprised. According to his testimony, she saw how the young man He left the supervisors’ office and went into the logistics locker room..

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