The theater billboard of Carlos Paz 2021

Por Ariel Bogdanov

After going through a very tough 2020 for the entertainment industry, Carlos Paz’s theaters begin to raise the curtain on the different works.

The mountain village managed to form in a short time a large summer billboard composed of more than 40 artistic options that include comedies, one-man shows, musicals, magazines, children and more.

With strict biosafety protocols, seats with limited capacity, chinstraps and distancing, the theatrical season is already a reality.

If you are looking for what to see, we will tell you which are the main works that will decorate the 2021 billboard in Villa Carlos Paz:

Teatro Luxor (Av. Libertad)

“Three empanadas”. Comedy by Flavio Mendoza with Florencia de la
V, Juan Pablo Geretto and cast. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

“More live than never”. New show by Miguel Martín “oficial
Gordillo ”. Saturdays and Sundays. 22 and 0 hours.

Lake Theater (Belgrano 81)

“The little lie.” Comedy with René Bertrand, Fredy Villarreal, Iliana
Calabró, Rodrigo Noya, Laura Bruni and Morena Rial. Production of
Javier Faroni. Tuesday to Sunday. 10 p.m.

Holiday Theater I (July 9, 53. Upstairs)

“Fatima is chameleon.” New show by Fátima Flórez, Julián
Labruna and cast. Tuesday to Sunday.

“The true story of dragon.” Children’s show.

Holiday II Theater (July 9, 53. Upstairs)

“Crocodile. Carlos Paz’s magazine ”with Omar Suárez, Nerina Sist,
Denise Cerrone, Agustín Sousa, Charo Sammarone, Lucho the clown
Desimone and corps de ballet. Tuesday to Sunday. 22 and 0 hours.

“Divine divorce.” Show with Rodolfo Ranni and Viviana
Saccone. Directed by Alberto Lecchi. Every Monday. 10 p.m.

Coral Theater (Coral Gallery. July 9 21)

“The Pailos Bar show”. New show by Fernando “flaco”
Pailos, Carla Dogliani “la Bicho”, Gabriel Marasini and cast. Of
Wednesday to Sunday. 22 and 0 hours.

“I am Rada (Serendipity).” Agustín Aristarán show.
Every Monday.

“Il Nuovo”. Musical lyrical show. Every Tuesday.

“The compass of dreams.” Children’s show with Rodrigo Noya.

Theater of the Sun I (General Paz 250)

“Locos x el show” with Zaúl Showman, Yanina Bulgheroni and cast.
Liberty Theater (Libertad 60)

Camilo is a lot ”with Camilo Nicolás and cast. Thursday to
Sunday. 10 p.m.

Teatro Melos (Alberdi 50)

“The test”. Show with Fabián Vena, Emilia Mazer, Alejandro
Muller and Paula Morales. Directed by Fabián Vena.

Aquarium Theater (July 9, 90)

“The Cancan. Two humorous stories ”with Damián Sarfatti, Joaquín
White and cast. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 10:30 PM and 12:30 AM

Alhelí the clown children’s show. From Wednesday to Sunday. 20:30 hs.

Teatro Bar (General Paz 27)

“Hilarious.” Musical comedy show with Adrián Garay, Flor
Marcasoli, Andrés Aspítia and cast. Everyday. 9:00 p.m.

Zorba Theater (July 9 and Montevideo)

“Geek is … savage!”. New show by Adrián Gómez and “la
china ”from Bandasú. Production by José Luis Letona. Friday to
Sunday. 10:30 p.m.

Monaco Multispace (Avenida San Martín and Zuviría)

“America Show”. Show with Ángel Carabajal, Marcelo Iripino,
Fernando Bertona, Celeste Muriega, Facundo Toro, Mago Matus and
Maxi Diorio, among others.

Malambo Complex

Haydée. Voices of the earth ”. Angel Carabajal show in
tribute to Mercedes Sosa. Dinner show with Julián Burgos, Jessica
Benavídez and Maxi Daruch. Tuesday to Sunday. 9:00 p.m.

Eleton Hotel Space

“Folkomic”. Humorous musical show with Freddy Apostolo and
folk group “Ceibo”. Monday and Thursday. 23 hours

“Never stop dreaming”. Music hall with Jenny McKenna, Hernán
Cuevas and the dancers Elina Chávez and Miguel Flores. Direction of
Mariano Livetti. Tuesday and Friday 11pm.

“Intimate QV4”. Show by Agustín Pérez Albert and Daniel Saldaño.
Wednesdays and Saturdays. 23 hours

“Humoravirus: a magical varieté” with Larry de Clay, Gladys
Florimonte, Evelyn Liendo and Ramiro Gómez Massetti. All the
Sundays. 10 p.m.

Hotel Portal del Lago Auditorium

“Beto, the fireman.” Children’s show with Diego Sorba, Lourdes
García, Julian Prieto and cast.

Khalama Space (Avenida Estrada 113)

“Madame.” Burlesque theater musical show with Diego
Reinhold, Rocío Pardo and Facundo Mazzei. From Friday to Sunday. 22
and 0 hs.

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