The theater returned with an audience in the room

The Comodín Theater Group premiered two plays on Sunday night in the auditorium of the Médano cultural building, which was the return of the activity with the presence of the public in this city, in this context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
After eleven months without performances, about 70 people attended the theatrical performances of the municipal group Comodín, directed by Sabrina Gilardenghi.
The functions, which were free, were carried out under a strict sanitary protocol, which limited the number of seats to a quarter of their capacity.
These functions were carried out under the premise of continuing with the cultural activities for the public of the city, and reactivating the different cultural spaces that had been paralyzed by the pandemic. The functions were also transmitted via streaming, through the social networks of the Municipality of General Pico.
The local theater group first presented the play “Las quietudes que respleen su gusto”, by Carlos Correa, starring Marcela Ombroni, Marcela Sanz, Leticia Damico and Pilar Pacheco. Then they performed “La ropa”, a play by Andrea Garrote. In this case, the cast was made up of María Inés Pasqualotto and Susana Deballi.
After this first experience in person, the works will be presented again in the next on this same stage, so that they can reach a larger audience.

Gilardenghi, in charge of the direction of the municipal theater group, indicated that the works they presented had already been rehearsed during 2019 and that the outbreak of the pandemic made premieres impossible the previous year.
In addition, he noted that returning to the stage was a challenge, since the health situation made everything much more difficult.
«Last year we began to meet with a lot of protocol, everything became very difficult. We made some virtual presentations through the Modes program, with brief participations that we were preparing in a virtual way and with brief and protocol essays, “he said.
Regarding the return of the face-to-face rehearsals, he recalled that “we started rehearsing for the end of the year to be able to make the presentation that we made through social networks in December. Without an audience, logically, with the delivery of recognition for the former members of the group throughout the twenty years, because in April 2020, we had reached that anniversary.
The premiere of these two works was the prelude to the presentation of the group in the Open Sky Theater Cycle, organized by the National Theater Institute together with the Undersecretariat of Culture of La Pampa.
The director of Comodín stressed that she has a “very interesting human group”, from which “I think we can develop all the projects we have in mind. We hope that the situation does not deteriorate and that we can continue working.

He came back.
José Luis Angelucci, Director of Education and Culture of the Municipality of General Pico, was “very happy for the return of the theater, to a full house, with the number of seats allowed by protocol.”
He also said that it was a very positive fact that the actors and actresses, “were able to get back on the stage with the presence of the public.”
The local official also stressed that the public attended with “proper masks” that were located in the assigned places, and that they respected the pre-established protocol for the function.
“They were located in the assigned places and respected the protocol, so we can say that we are ready to continue with the theater,” he said.
Finally, he stressed the importance of broadcasting the show live through social networks, “for those who were left out because of the capacity we have due to protocol, or because they simply prefer to stay at home. This pandemic led us to be able to adapt in both formats and it is great, “he concluded.

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