The thief bursts into two buildings of the State Department, steals phones –


The State Department was hit in two different places last week by a thief who left dozens of cell phones and electronic equipment at home.

The State Department has recognized that an individual is suspected of slipping into two of his buildings: one in Washington and one in Arlington. A suspect was arrested after trying to sell equipment to a restaurant in Virginia and almost all the stolen devices were recovered.

The suspect was identified by the Arlington police as Joel Enriquez-Bueno, 42, without a known fixed address. He was accused of great theft, great theft with the intent to sell, break and enter and give a false identity to the police. He was held without a tie in the Arlington County Detention Center.

But it is not clear why the accused thief apparently targeted two different departments of the State Department across the river from one another on the same day, suggesting they were not randomly chosen. Also it is unclear whether it is only a coincidence that the thefts occurred during the extinction of the government that arrested 4 employees in 10 employees of the State Department, or if the thief has not realized that the diplomatic security, which is responsible for the protection of property and lives, it is completely manned despite the arrest.

A State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the mysterious incident, said: "We continue to meet staff safety requirements," but the official refused to discuss the details.

The official said that a thief entered two annexes of the State Department on 3 January. The official did not say whether the person was able to overcome security to reach the interior of the Washington building.

The more you know of the accident at Rosslyn. According to the Arlington County Police Department, officers were sent around 11 am to a building in 1800 in the N. Lynn Street block. A skyscraper on the other side houses the office for security and suitability of State Department personnel, where security checks are being checked and processed for all State Department employees.

The police said that a man was "piggyback" in the secure building at 9:35, slipping behind someone else, and headed for a suite upstairs. He allegedly stole 53 electronic devices, including 44 mobiles that were a combination of private phones and owned by the government. It is not clear why so many phones were in one place, but government employees often check their phones before entering safe areas. The police refused to specify which other electronic devices were taken.

Police determined that the thief went to a restaurant less than half a mile from Fort Myer Drive and attempted to sell them. During the propaganda of the area, they identified a man who corresponded to the description of the thief and took him into custody.

Police recovered all stolen equipment except for a pair of headphones, police spokeswoman Ashley Savage said. The State Department does not believe that stolen phones contained classified material.


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