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Thanks to various investigations and revelations on the functioning of the Girondins de Bordeaux broadcast last week, France discovered Antony Thiodet, the Mr. Billetterie of the FCGB. Not sure that the man takes a liking to this sudden celebrity.

It is an understatement to say that the Girondins de Bordeaux had a hard time with their first week of deconfinement, which took place last week throughout the country. But here, there is no question of hypochondria, agoraphobia, or simply anxiety – although. But rather a heavy fire, which they had to face all week. The attack took place on two fronts, still with the same target: the club’s management, set up in November 2018 by King Street, the American investment fund. The first front, occupied by After Foot of RMC, pounded the Haillan for three nights in succession, machine-gunning in turn the recruitment cell, the management of the training center, and the general policy of the club, embodied by the CEO Frédéric Longuépée and Antony Thiodet, his “commercial strategy director stadium and networks ”. The two men also suffered attacks from the other front, led by the Ultramarines. The main group of Bordeaux supporters, in open war against the duo for months, published all week leaks audio recorded during meetings between club leaders and subscribers.

“People come to the stadium for 100 euros, not for 40”

It is not surprising that King Street, the investment fund owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux, and Frédéric Longuépée, president, are targeted by supporters in times of crisis. It is even the usual procedure in such a situation. But the fact that the departure of the ticket manager – which is Antony Thiodet – is given the same level of priority is exotic to say the least. So how did we get there? Florian Brunet, spokesperson for the Ultramarines, dates the start of the quarrel in the first months of 2019. “Between January and September, we had a few meetings with Thiodet which went very badly. He told us that he wanted to develop the lodges, that the companies come to sign contracts during the matches. We have no problems with the boxes, but he wants to bring an audience to the stadium who is not necessarily interested in the ball, while the Bordeaux public exists. We were 100,000 to celebrate the title of 2009, tens of thousands to say goodbye to Parc Lescure, etc. Rugby has never put the city of Bordeaux in such a state, but we are told that it is a city of rugby. The team just has to be good for people to come to the stadium. But he thinks that we must first bring people to the stadium for other reasons, and then develop the sportsman. He also gave us mythical speeches, such as: “People come to the stadium for 100 euros, not 40.” As if the Girondins were a luxury product. ”

The differences of thought between the supporters and this cantor of football had already started relations well, but it is in September 2019 that the divorce will be consummated, with the so-called affair “Ticket office” . During the receptions of FC Metz and the Stade Brestois, supporters are unable to buy seats in the Virage Sud du Matmut-Atlantique, the grandstand occupied by ultras. The stadium ticket office is full, although this is far from being the case, but offers more expensive seats elsewhere in the stadium. On the networks, the testimonies of supporters frustrated at not having been able to reach their tribune far from being full flow. The Ultramarines shout at the refusal to sell, while Antony Thiodet declares to 20 minutes “Do not understand the information published” , evokes “Possible misunderstandings on the part of tellers” , and swear there is no will on his part “To force people to buy more expensive places as some suspect” . The explanations do not satisfy the ultras, and Thiodet wins the right to have his name inscribed alongside those of Longuépée and King Street on banners hostile to their presence in Gironde.

Leak of legend

The Ultramarines, who have since expressed their desire to see all these little people as far as possible from Bordeaux, even going so far as to interrupt the meeting against Nîmes, last December, to protest against the ban on the deployment of a banner against the management of the club, therefore decided to publish last week these famous leaks. Leaf through five audio documents, we hear a little Longuépée, a lot Thiodet. They were recorded during meetings of the Council of the members, organized by the club to exchange with its subscribers (the associations of supporters refuse to participate). In the extract posted online on Monday, May 11, the ticket director accuses the Ultramarines of putting pressure on the Marine and Blancs of Île-de-France, another group of supporters, to prevent them from singing. The press release from Ile-de-France fans of the Girondins fell in stride: “We firmly deny the instrumentalization of our association, and deny the false statements made by representatives of the management of the FCGB towards us. ” On Tuesday, he ensures that Benoît Trémoulinas, Ludovic Obraniak, Christophe Dugarry and even Florian Brunet are critical of the club, because they have the same press secretary as Joe DaGrosa, the boss of GACP, ousted from the club in December 2019. Rebelote, denials rain. Dugarry has no personal press secretary, Brunet even less, and Trémoulinas and Obraniak publish murderous tweets, upset that their independence of thought is thus questioned. As for Caroline Thiebaut, the communications advisor targeted by Thiodet, she concludes her reaction as follows: “The baseness of this type of conversation makes me wonder about the ability of these characters to run a club. ” And it will be the same all week. On Wednesday, Thiodet accuses a journalist of South West to be a former ultra. Denial, and anger of the Press Club of Bordeaux. On Thursday, Thiodet prides itself on making the employees it cares for work in the Girondins during confinement, “Even those who were on leave, even those who were partially unemployed” . No denial, this time. Finally, on Friday, Thiodet assured that two supporters, including the grandson of Claude Bez, would have tried to ask the Ultramarines, through Florian Brunet, to calm down. Suspenseful suspense: the two have publicly denied (here and here).

Losing ticket

Frédéric Longuépée may assure in an internal note to his employees that ” ask [ses] lawyers to consider all of the items to [leur] provision for determining the legal action to be taken ” , the fact remains that his duet with Antony Thiodet did not come out of this business growing up. Especially that at the same time, RMC devoted almost an hour of emission to the pair in after foot May 13. De Thiodet, the peripheral radio investigation paints a portrait of a man “Undrinkable” , “Fired from everywhere” , which has not completed any stadium for which it was responsible, other than that of the La Rochelle rugby players. And yet the man had the opportunity to exercise. Before settling down in Bordeaux, he held positions at Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Handball, AS Saint-Étienne, the National Handball League, Stade Français, Stade Rochelais, HBC Nantes, Bayonne rowing, Chamois niortais, Section paloise, BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque, PSG, the National Basketball League, OGC Nice, ASVEL and the French Basketball Federation. Contacted by us, the Green Gones, supporters of ASVEL, basketball club of which Thiodet was the executive director from 2003 to 2011, told us that “No member of the group wants to talk about this guy. He left a terrible picture and we prefer to turn the page ” . Same story with the Ultras Green of CSP Limoges, whose ticketing he managed in 2016. In the turmoil, Antony Thiodet will always be able to console himself by adding a line to his LikedIn profile: he is now the most famous ticketing manager of France.

By Mathias Edwards
About the Green Gones collected by Chloé Saunier



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