The third dose of the vaccine will be necessary for everyone, predicts Argimon

Despite the high vaccination rate and the decrease in epidemiological data, the coronavirus pandemic will remain in 2022. It will not be as virulent as this year or the previous one, but it will continue to take patients to hospitals, predicts Josep Maria Argimon. The Minister of Health of the Generalitat predicts that a sixth wave will not be registered and that the infection rate will continue to fluctuate around 1, but vaccination will continue to be the determining factor for infection control.

In an interview with TV3, Argimon has prophesied that the booster dose will be necessary for all segments of the population. “. Not everyone has the same drop in neutralizing antibodies, but we are probably going towards the third dose for everyone ”, he said, mentioning the studies of vaccine manufacturers and clarifying that different trials on the duration of the immunization period are still underway. .

The owner of Salut, in favor of vaccinating children from 5 to 11 years old if authorized by the European Medicines Agency

In Spain, the National Public Health Commission has authorized the third dose for those over 70 years of age, although the European Medicines Agency has given the green light for all age groups. “We have started by vaccinating those over 70 in concomitance with the flu vaccine and then we will analyze if necessary proceed from 70 years and below,” said the head of Salut.

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Since October 25, 65,000 people, out of the 80,000 that make up the target population of the residences, have already received the third dose. Although there is no rush to start vaccination, administering the booster vial will be a slow and logistically complicated process, according to Argimon. “The flu is a vial that is already prepared, in which the main act is the prick. In the case of coronavirus h and to prepare the vaccine, you have to load the syringe with precision ”, he specified

Josefa Pérez, the first person to be vaccinated in Catalonia, receives the third dose

EFE / Marta Pérez

The owner of Salut has been in favor of extending vaccination to children between 5 and 12 years old, arguing for reasons of solidarity, in the event that it is authorized by the European Medicines Agency. On the other hand, it does not agree with the CEOE employer’s proposal to implement mandatory vaccination for all workers. Consider that it could even be a counterproductive measure.

“Catalonia and Spain have no difficulties in vaccinating. Due to the fact that 40% of close contacts or people with symptoms do not follow the mandatory quarantine or isolation, we cannot put a mosso in each house. There is an element that is responsibility and as a whole society has been very responsible ”, he argues.

The minister celebrates the absence of incidents in the reopening of nightlife in Catalonia

Argimon assures that the Generalitat has no intention of extending the COVID digital certificate to other areas outside of nightlife, with one exception: “We could use it if things were wrong, so as not to take steps backwards and always temporarily.” This morning the nightclubs and bars of Catalonia have opened the interiors and the dance floors for the first time in a year and a half. The reopening has occurred normally and no incidence has been recorded, according to the minister. “It is a very good sign of normalcy,” he celebrated.

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On the first night, the establishments have made 20,000 readings of the covid code through the application developed by the Government.

“We put (the covid pass) because it is an activity that has been closed for a long time and that presents a lot of social interaction,” reasoned the head of Health, underlining that it is a provisional measure.

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