The thirteenth night of protests in Ferraz ends with 15 detainees and nine minor injuries

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The thirteenth night of protests against amnesty around the PSOE headquarters in Madrid ended yesterday with incidents in which they were arrested 15 personas and nine others – among them a police officer – have had to be treated by health services for minor bruises.

The demonstration, in which they participated about 2,000 people According to the Government Delegation, it took place in a tense manner almost from the beginning and in the midst of a greater security device than that of previous days, coinciding with the celebration of the investiture plenary session of Pedro Sánchez.

As in previous days, once a good part of the protesters had left the concentration, those gathered more radical They began to take center stage and throw flares, bottles and other objects at the security forces.

On several occasions, riot police asked protesters to they will stop throwing objects and that they should not try to violate the fences placed to prevent access to the socialist headquarters.

From 9:30 p.m. the tension grew and The police operation became more intense while the protesters increased their shouts and threw objects and tried to move the fences shouting “You will defend this fence.”

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