The three forwards that Atlético de Madrid has on the agenda

He Atlético de Madrid He started 2021 as the leader of La Liga and as one of the main candidates to win the UEFA Champions League, where he will face Chelsea in the Round of 16. But, beyond the good collective functioning that they are showing so far this season, Diego Pablo Simeone knows that they need to incorporate a new striker who can provide differential numbers appearing from the bench or who can fight for the title against Luis Suarez.

The output of Diego Costa, whose contract was terminated by mutual agreement, will force the mattress team to take out their portfolio and bet, if they want to win important titles this year, for the incorporation of a striker of a higher level than Diego Costa and who can provide more variants than Luis Suárez, who is the only nominal striker in the squad to play at this level.

Atlético de Madrid’s bet is clear: they want a forward who has La Liga experience and who, in the worst case scenario, can assume a secondary role in the rotation, taking into account that it will be difficult to compete with Luis Suárez in such a only six months of competition.

Simeone, who has a good eye for incorporating strikers and empowering them, already has his sights set on three names that, despite having different characteristics, fit into his main game plan and that can give the team a different face to that of the Uruguayan.

Atlético is willing to invest to win titles, so it will try to close the incorporation of a striker at all costs and, unless something strange happens, the new attacker will leave the following list, according to the Chiringuito de Jugones.

The three strikers that Atlético has on the agenda when Diego Costa leaves

-Cédric Bakambu: He French striker, but which is part of the DR Congo team, it is the lowest profile that Diego Pablo Simeone has targeted. Bakambu is a fast forward who, by physique and qualities, fits perfectly into Simeone’s reactive plan in big games. He is 29 years old and lives in the BJ Sinobo Guoan of China. He played in La Liga with Villarreal a total of 105 games (he scored 47 goals and gave 5 assists).

-Raúl de Tomás: He Spanish striker It would be the most interesting bet and, due to its situation, possibly the most affordable in terms of investment in the short term. A player with a proven career in Spain (despite only being 26 years old) and who has qualities that make him a powerful weapon for Atlético de Madrid. He has played 47 games in La Liga, in which he scored 18 goals and gave one assist.

-Maxi Gómez: He Uruguayan forward It is the best known profile and one that could generate much more emotion in the mattress fans due to its current status. He is only 24 years old but, at the moment, he is one of the most dangerous attackers in La Liga, despite being in a decaying Valencia. He has played 117 games in La Liga (Celta de Vigo and Valencia), in which he has scored 44 goals and provided 14 assists.


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