The three new Maserati styles range from elegance to sportiness

These kits, which embody the spirit of the manufacturer, have been developed by Maserati’s main style and design division together with the car development team. Working together, they focused on the materials used, the important details, their properties and thus created three sets that best reflected the character of both the car and its driver.

The spirit of travel

Today, travel has become so easy that by buying a plane ticket online, you can immerse yourself in the culture of a completely different country in just a few hours. However, the term Grand Touring, which appeared in the middle of last century, meant slightly different trips. Those where it is not the purpose of the trip that matters, but the process itself. People embarked on such trips in luxury and powerful cars. That’s what inspired the Maserati GT.

It emphasizes Maserati’s character and elegance and embodies the manufacturer’s urban, minimalist and contemporary style. This set is for curious citizens of the world who appreciate fashion but have their own original style.

The GT-branded Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante models feature extra chrome details and an elegant look. Classic light wheels are also fitted here: the 18-inch Ghibli and Levante models and the 19-inch Quattroporte. All GT models have comfortable leather seats and unique finishes.

GT models are also distinguished by the fact that they are equipped with the latest Maserati hybrid engine. The Ghibli GT and Levante GT come with a 330 hp 4-cylinder engine with a 48V hybrid system. The Quattroporte GT, meanwhile, has a 350 hp V6 engine.

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The second set delivered by Maserati pays tribute to the manufacturer’s origins and is named after Modena. This kit is for those who adore Maserati’s sportiness and enjoy an active leisure and sporty lifestyle. Modena cars radiate their strong sportiness not only with sporty design solutions, but also with engines. The Modena comes with elegance, dynamism and driving pleasure.

The Ghibli Modena and Levante Modena have 350 hp V6 petrol engines. Those looking for a sharper feel can choose models with the Modena S brand and much more power. These models have 430 hp engines. They also stand out with their Nerissimo-style package and red brake calipers. Meanwhile, the Quattroporte Modena is only equipped with a 430 hp V6 engine.

This set emphasizes the car’s athleticism, as it has sports bumpers with Black Piano elements and 20-inch wheels. The interior features a sturdy leather leather seat and Black Piano trim in the Levante and Quattroporte. Ghibli Modena, meanwhile, comes with a Dark Mirror finish.

A gourmet twist

The Trofeo brand in the Maserati range has always meant the greatest possible power and all the experience gained on the race tracks. With the new Maserati models, this tradition doesn’t really change. Everything here is designed to make the car as fast as possible without losing its comfort. The Trofeo is the most versatile in terms of both equipment and power.

These models are equipped with a 580 hp V8 engine with a twin turbine. Carbon fiber elements, 21-inch wheels and red brake calipers are a far cry from the sporty nature of the Trofeo. Meanwhile, the interior features a luxurious saloon and sports seats with natural Pieno Fiore leather. Despite their extreme power and dynamics, the Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante Trofeo always allow you to travel elegantly and safely.

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Updated face

All three configurations – GT, Modena and Trofeo – have the new Maserati brand on the bonnet and rear strut. It was introduced along with the Maserati supercar MC20. Each kit will have its name above the three iconic vents on the front wings. The new Maserati font is also welcomed on the center screen, and the Trofeo is embroidered on the back of the head.


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