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The Microsoft Excel tool is part of Office 365 and is currently one of the most important programs used worldwide in various fields, such as business or academic. In addition to being a practical program, it is very accessible, since it is available in the Play Store to download to any mobile device.

It allows companies and businesses to carry out their activities and mathematical calculations quickly and efficiently, especially in accounting, administration or marketing. It is extremely important to know and have data control, which is why this tool will be of great help to ensure proper operation.

Learn to correctly use the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which is a great tool in the office program that will help you develop your skills and expand your business, employment or social opportunities.


The Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) offers free course “Basic Excel from scratch” where you will be trained to use the spreadsheet from the most basic knowledge, through asynchronous learning, that is, you can connect when you decide.

During the course you will learn about the structure, basic elements, entering data, desired styles, inserting graphics, using functions, creating your own spreadsheets and more. You will also have fluid and direct communication with the instructor in charge of the course, in this case Karen Rodas, a graduate in industrial engineering.

The syllabus included in the course is as follows
Unit 1. I identify
Unit 2. Manipulating cells.
Unit 3. Style
Unit 4. Graphics and images
Unit 5. Functions and printing

Basic knowledge is not required to enter, on the contrary it is available to the general public and upon completion you will be provided with a certificate with curricular value. If you want more details you can contact them through their email [email protected]

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The Carlos Slim Foundation in conjunction with the Telmex-Telcel Foundation offer training course “Advanced Excel” to learn how to use this tool virtually, it is taught from the platform academic in a personalized way and at the time chosen by each user. It is aimed at the general public, however basic knowledge of the program is required to enter.

The main objective of the course is to take full advantage of the functions and tools that Excel offers through simple lessons and practical exercises explained step by step. The classes of the course consist of developing the techniques, processes and formulas that are applied to elaborate various projects, such as dynamic tables, graphs, calculations, reports, application of filters, inventories, etc.

The online course is taught by professionals from the National Agrarian University (UNA) and it is intended that the user complete the course in 16 hours. To access the option to enroll after finishing the course, the student must register through an account on the academic and at the same time you will be sent your certificate of participation that will be available to download to your mobile, tablet or Android device.

The course includes various interactive HTML5 Package (H5P) content, it has quizzes, presentations, exercises, exams, evaluations, forums and resources, as well as a syllabus developed specifically for this course and the topics covered are the following:

About the course
advanced filters
Content in HTML5 (H5P)
Function guide
4. Pivot tables
Table creation
HTML5 content


The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers training course «Microsoft Office Excel Tools» hosted on the platform Opening+available to any user who has basic knowledge of Excel tools.

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The online course is available for free and is taught by Engineer Jonathan Martínez Razo from the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM, the class schedule is flexible and has an estimated duration of 30 hours. In order to access the course, you must log in through an account that has previously been registered on the platform.

To access the course you must register on the platform for free. Once registered, you should perform a search on the site with the word Excel, and it will show you a list with the courses available for said office tool.

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