The time for gimmicks is over


Las Vegas It was just after eight in the morning when ZF boss Wolf-Henning Scheider let some air out of the autonomous dreams of the auto industry: More than Level2 + autonomy is “not a business case” for private cars, they are with the big one Supplier from Friedrichshafen convinced.

Ordinary drivers can therefore only take their hands off the steering wheel from time to time in the long run, because all the radars, lidars and cameras required for real autonomy are too expensive for private individuals to pay in bulk.

Even if some decision-makers in the industry see it differently: The great enthusiasm for the car-car for everyone has evaporated. However, this does not mean that the steps towards ever better driver assistance will not plow up the industry: the smart car needs a central computer and all sorts of sensors that chip manufacturers like NXP and Infineon deliver.

The DaxGroup from Neubiberg near Munich is no longer just a supplier to the suppliers, but has also been part of VW’s FAST supplier network since last year.

Classic suppliers have to redefine their role, just like Continental as an integrator of various systems, so as not to have to fight for an ever smaller part of the added value in the car of tomorrow

Privacy is no longer a purely German obsession

Apple returned to CES after 28 years of absence, but not with products or his new streaming services, but in the form of his Chief Privacy Officer Jane Horvarth on a panel with her colleagues from Facebook and Procter & Gamble, Horvarth was able to repeat the well-known, privacy-friendly position of the company, for example that “back doors in the encryption” of smartphones “would not solve any problems”.

The group had refused to crack the shooter’s iPhone at the request of the FBI during a killing spree in 2015. Her team works “24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer security agency inquiries,” says Horvarth in Las Vegas.

Even if Apple’s position on the San Bernadino killing spree is still controversial – the group feels comfortable with it, on the other side than Facebook and Google to stand, whose business models would be hard to imagine without data collection.
Because data protection experts currently have the upper hand – even if people in Europe and Germany in particular have been persuading for years that privacy protection is an outdated fetish.

California, the home of Silicon Valley, has just passed a data protection law that prohibits the sale of data without the consent of those affected. However, it remains to be seen whether it will affect Google and Facebook. “We don’t sell data,” emphasized Erin Egan, the company’s top data protection officer, on the panel.

The time for gimmicks is over

Ola Källenius had chosen the most prominent time of the fair to present the “AVTR”: Monday evening, on the first full press day of the CES. The Daimler-Chef brought the director James Cameron with him, who made two of the most successful blockbusters in history with Titanic and Avatar.

The futuristic car will not do anything for Daimler’s sluggish margins in the present. The biodegradable battery still needs a decade and a half to be installed in cars. And for the fact that the time frame is decades rather than years, the concept car is again shaped quite conventionally.

The innovations that remain from CES 2020 come from smaller companies, are of an everyday nature, but will soon also be part of our everyday life: Byton’s “M-Byte”, which with its prominent consumer electronics and a focus on service integration, is the most autonomous Thinking ahead.

Quibis streaming service that finally no longer treats the smartphone as a shrunk cinema screen. Impossible Foods’ vegetarian pork, which enables more than a billion Muslims and Jews to consume it.

Or the femtech startups such as Elvie, who, with their portable breast pumps or skin analysis devices, are finally taking the half of humanity, neglected by tech bros, seriously as customers.

More: A series of new products will be presented again at CES. But users rightly ask what all the devices actually bring them.



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