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Two months have passed since the morning information program “THE TIME,” which TBS appointed Shinichiro Azumi Anna as MC, has started (Friday MC is Teruyuki Kagawa). A petite renewal was also carried out at the end of October, but what has happened since then?


It is said that “THE TIME,” which started with noise, is still struggling. Looking at the household audience rating from November 15 (Video Research survey, Kanto area: same below), the 15th (Monday) 4.4%, 16th (Tuesday) 4.7%, 17th (Wednesday) 4.9%, 18 Sunday (Thursday) 4.3% and 4% level continue. Commercial broadcasters say.

“Thursday’s household 4.3% is the worst 1st place Thailand. The individual audience rating on this day is 2.3%, this is the worst 2nd place. The main target F2 group (female aged 35 to 49) is 1.9%, eyes I can’t even guess. “

In the same time zone, instead of catching up with “ZIP!” (Nippon TV), “Good! Morning” (TV Asahi), and “Mezamashi TV” (Fuji TV), which cut the hoes in the 7-8% range, the audience rate is low. It’s not much different from the previous program, Miku Natsume’s “Morning Chance!”

“Looking at the core group (13-49 years old),” THE TIME, “1.3%,” ZIP! “4.5%,” Mezamashi TV “3.9%, so it is not a match.”

I asked them to watch the program again and listened to their impressions.

The body of the program is in order

“I think the program is better than it was at the beginning, but it still starts with the same” live performance “as” Ohayo Asahi “(ABC TV), and” Zoom in !! Morning! “(NTV)” Archipelago Relay “. 〆 does not change the plan of taking good points such as “Today’s Wanko” of “Mezamashi”. That is not bad, but it seems that you have forgotten that you are fighting the back program. “

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Taking the broadcast on November 13 as an example,

“I feel that the news has increased due to the renewal at the end of October. The tempo of the news is good at 6 o’clock, and Ugajin Meguana seems to be accustomed to the progress. However, at 7 o’clock …”

On this day, I had some time left just before 7 o’clock. When the newsreel of the monkey capture that had appeared in Tokyo was over and the camera returned to the studio, Azumi Anna’s eyes were black and white.

Azumi: Well, I had a little time before 7 o’clock today, so I would like you to look at my face for about 5 seconds. (While sticking out my tongue) Well, it’s about 7 o’clock … Yes, it’s 7 o’clock all over Japan! Let’s go cheerfully with the song of Shimaenaga!

“It’s true that even a little happening can be an entertainment if it’s in the hands of Azumi Anna.”

“Local noodles” from the morning

“However, do you need the songs and gymnastics that Azumi Anna doesn’t feel motivated to follow? After that, in “I can see the sky of Japan! Archipelago relay relay”, “Miso curry milk ramen” in Aomori and “Nabeyaki udon” in Matsuyama are featured as “local noodles” for about 10 minutes. How about going to school or school? “

Was there a “large set meal” broadcast from the morning?

“The soccer World Cup qualifying match against Oman following” Local noodles “. It was the latest news at 3 o’clock in the early hours that Japan won and moved up to 2nd place in the group. The match was not broadcast on the ground wave, so those who want to know This is only about 1 minute, but even if the video cannot be used due to the problem of broadcasting rights, it should have been possible to make it last for about 10 minutes using a flip or a player’s face photo. At least than “local noodles” I think it was worth the broadcast. “

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Soccer took 1 minute, but the following “mobile crane rollover” took 3 minutes and 52 seconds, the “vaccine test package” took 5 minutes and 5 seconds, and the “Balmuda smartphone” took 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

“Is this the news you want to watch so carefully? Then I think it’s better to put in short news at a good tempo and show it in numbers.”

And 7:30. The program character Shimaenaga appears again.

Shimaenaga-chan who breaks the peace of mind

Long-tailed Tit: 7:30, 7:30! Today is “Shogi Day”, why?

Azumi: Why? November 17th? do not know.

Shimaenaga: See you ~ (and go home).

Azumi: What? Eh! The time is 7:30. (Suzuki) Everyone, Maria-san! Hmm? News? News!

“Even Azumi Anna forgot to set up for Shimaenaga, who left without giving an answer after asking questions. The viewers would have been frustrated. I lost my mind.”

There is a fundamental problem.

“At any TV station, the director places multiple monitors in the subcontractor (sub-control room) and proceeds with the program while watching the screen of the rival station. The next day, look at the 1-minute meter (break line graph) of the audience rating. , I got (numbers) here, I’m trying to exceed even 0.1% while reflecting on the fact that I fell here, but I even think that TBS is not doing that. “

There is also a report that Azumi Anna plays a central role in holding a reflection meeting after the broadcast.

Leave it to Azumi Anna

“Although I may say about individual corners, it will be difficult for announcers to talk about the overall composition of the program. The” zoom-in “style archipelago relay introduced by” THE TIME, “is Kazuo Tokumitsu and Fukutome. Norio Fukuzawa, a veteran announcer, became the champion of the morning program by partitioning with a pin at a good tempo. However, after 2000, “Mezamashi” was composed mainly of entertainment information at a good tempo. , “Zoom in” was pulled out. “Zoom in” became “ZIP!”, Abolished the archipelago relay, set a famous talent as a panelist and rewound, and now they are fighting evenly. “Good! Morning” that I was taking also provided useful information and bean knowledge while recording and inserting the audience rate king of Akira Ikegami and Osamu Hayashi with VTR, and also added Erina Arai of free announcer. There is a history of lining up with the two. “

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in short…….

“The morning information program is all about providing what the viewer wants to see at the right time and at a comfortable tempo.” THE TIME, “seems to be doing the right thing, and it’s actually done. I don’t think it’s possible. The audience rating will not increase as it is. I’m too sorry for using Azumi Anna. I think it’s better to believe him and reorganize with news and weather normally. “

Daily Shincho editorial department


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