The TKN exposes the vague evidence of the elegance of the Prabowo Camp camp


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The TKN campaign team, which supported the unconditional presidential candidate Jokowi, recently had time to respond to tests Prabowo The Subianto campaign team (BPN) participated in a symposium on Tuesday 14 May.

TKN spokesman Arya Sinulingga firmly stated that the data presented by the Prabowo campaign team is not valid.

Arya has chosen to focus on four elements that often arise whenever the Prabowo camp accuses of electoral fraud:

  1. Constant changes in BPN in the declared payout percentage

Initially the request for the initial win of the Prabowo camp was 62 percent, but in the symposium held on Tuesday the data showed a variation of 54.24 percent. "How data can change so significantly. This shows that the data they are based on is vague," TKN spokesman Arya said today.

  1. Incomplete data collection at polling stations (TPS)

Arya said the BPN task force's information system directory calculates less than 100% in a number of polling stations, but continues to claim victories in the polling stations that they incomplete calculated.

"How could they not calculate 100%? This means they don't use Excel but rather an Abacus," he asked.

  1. The increase in political participation was erroneously interpreted as a balloon vote

The Prabowo camp states that there are hot-air balloon votes in East Java compared to the data they obtained on the list of final voters (DPT) in the region's 2018 regional elections (Pilkada). The DPT in 2018 saw 19.5 million voters while the 2019 presidential elections saw 24.7 million voters.

The Prabowo camp sees this as a balloon vote while TKN insists that it is up to voter participation. He saw 69.55 percent of voter participation in the regional elections of 2018 compared to 80 percent of the presidential elections.

  1. Phantom sounding stations

Prabowo camp said the TPS 13 polling station at Nanggerang Sukabumi is a phantom TPS as it hosts many people who share the same date of birth. However, Arya said that TKN volunteers in this specific TPS have seen Prabowo – Sandiaga won with 130 votes while Jokowi – Ma & # 39; ruf Amin lost only 47 votes.

"They say it's a TPS" tuyul ". But it is Prabowo who won in that TPS. So who is the tuyul (infantile ghost) now? "Arya said.


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