The TNI and Polri Headquarters Team Investigated the OTK Case Attack Jeneponto Police


The team from the TNI and Polri Headquarters intervened to investigate the attack on the Jeneponto Police, South Sulawesi (Sulsel) which was carried out by a number of unknown persons (OTK) on Thursday (27/4) in the morning. An in-depth investigation was carried out to thoroughly investigate who the parties involved in the attack were.

“If in the investigation and deepening process that we carry out there are matters involving soldiers in particular, we will carry out a legal process in accordance with the provisions,” said Danpuspom TNI Rear Admiral (Laksda) Edwin in a press statement received detikSulselSunday (30/4/2023).

It is known that a joint team from the TNI and Polri Headquarters has begun to go directly to the Jeneponto Police since last Saturday (29/4). Edwin emphasized that he was here to solve the problem quickly according to orders from the TNI Commander.

“The emphasis, Mr. Commander of the TNI, is that the synergy between the TNI and POLRI must be increased and this must become an understanding of all soldiers and police officers,” he said.

Furthermore, said Edwin, the TNI Commander emphasized that TNI soldiers should not be arrogant. TNI soldiers remain firm but humane.

“This is a guide that we carry out in the process of solving our problems and the team is currently working,” he said.

On the same occasion, Head of the Propam Polri division, Syahardiantono, added that the joint TNI-Polri team had conducted an investigation for 2 days. His team saw good synergy between the TNI-Polri ranks.

“Today we are at the Jeneponto Polres. Thank God we see together that the togetherness of the TNI-Polri in the ranks of the South Sulawesi Regional Police has very, very solid synergy. Including at the Jeneponto Polres,” he said.

Apart from that, Syahardiantono saw that community service at the Jeneponto Police was going well. Police officers continue to operate as usual.

“Alhamdulillah, we also see that the atmosphere in this community is normal. We see that the Polres are also normal as usual, providing services to the community as usual. We saw earlier that there was a recruitment process, community services and so on,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Wadanpuspoad TNI Maj. Gen. Eka Wijaya Permana added, the joint TNI-Polri team had obtained all the data from the attack on the Jeneponto Police by OTK. The results will be submitted to the leadership to be followed up immediately.

“Because we have only been working for two days. In the future, we will report this to our respective leaders to make further decisions,” he said.

Major General TNI Eka ensured that the parties involved would be punished according to the procedures in force. Meanwhile, those who are not involved should not be affected.

“Those who make mistakes will definitely be prosecuted, then we will correct those who have not made mistakes. Don’t let your life or career be delayed just because of a mistake,” he explained.

Pangdam Affirms 100 OTK Have Nothing to Do with the TNI

Previously, Pangdam XIV/Hasanuddin Major General Totok Imam Santoso also responded to information that 100 OTK attackers from the Jeneponto Police were identified as members of the TNI. Totok emphasized that the OTK had nothing to do with the TNI.

“Until now, this (attack) has nothing to do with the TNI, nothing,” said Maj. Gen. Totok during a press conference at the Binayuda Room of the XIV Hasanuddin Makodam Makassar, Makassar, Thursday (27/4).

He also emphasized that the attackers from the Jeneponto Police could not be identified, so they still had the status of OTK.

“I convey (the perpetrators of the attack) are unknown people because until now we are still looking for the perpetrators of the Jeneponto Police,” said Major General Totok.

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