The “today's show” confronts CDU man Elmar Brok – who reacts angrily


The CDU is currently unmasking itself after the European elections. It loses the young voters and the party leader Kramp-Karrenbauer rambling about opinion regulation and claiming that journalists and Youtubers to Calling for “Destruction of Democratic Parties of the Middle”, So far, so dangerous.

“heute-show” and the question: Is the CDU cool?

If you had to describe the People's Party in a word – “cool” it would be at the moment least. The ZDF satire show “heute-show” still wanted to find out whether the Union was cool and sent off comedy Fabian Köster. He asked some of these young people if they would vote for CDU. The answers were clear: “No.” Köster still hooked. “Could the CDU somehow bribe you to vote for them? If the CDU distributed grass?” The comic asked a young man. “So they go into scientific studies, say: 'Yes, grass is bad', you know, but they do not cover all the scientific studies on the climate or CO2, or what,” he outraged.

And even at the CDU / CSU election party, those present did not seem to really know if their party was cool. “That's such a thing,” a CDU supporter wondered. “What do you mean by politics under cool?” She asked herself. “We probably need young people like Philipp, well, Philipp Amthor is young, so, officially,” one of the younger CDU fans stumbled.

Elmar Brok: “Do not laugh so foolish!”

On the biggest resistance Köster then met with longtime CDU MEP Elmar Brok. This was especially Youtuber Rezo a thorn in the eye. “We have made considerable efforts to combat climate change,” he wanted to convince Köster, who could not resist his laugh after this statement and brok it even more incited. “Do not laugh so stupid!”, He snapped. “They say nothing was done, and that's just stupid, sir,” he prodded the comedian. “We are making great progress and at the same time, we also want their father's job to be maintained,” he said, after which Köster could only reply, “My father is a teacher.” “That's why I understand their argument, it is also the power from the outlet,” replied Brok indignant.

“Maybe very well that Elmar Brok is no longer in the European Parliament,” said Köster dry and within earshot of the politician. The question of the coolness of the party was well answered with this article.

source: ZDF “heute-show”

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