The TOGETHER unity in the Pilsen districts is beginning to crumble

In the central district, a coalition based on the Pilsen-wide model has already been agreed, i.e. ANO, Pirates, STAN. Only instead of the Pro Plzeň movement it will be supplemented by TOP 09. YES, and the top players were already in the coalition in the last election period.

“It probably makes no sense to be in the opposition at all costs,” Ondřej Ženíšek (TOP 09), current and probably future deputy mayor of the town hall, told Právu. “The city management doesn’t like it too much, but I have the approval of the local organization,” Ženíšek pointed out, adding that the work at the district “is primarily about people.”

“If we didn’t go for it, it would have become part of the coalition of the Pro Pilsen movement with the former mayor Jiří Strobach, and we wanted to prevent that,” said Ženíšek, adding that SPOLU’s district candidate was inappropriately assembled.

“The leader was Petr Baloun (ODS), who has zero coalition potential. We drew attention to it, but nothing has changed,” pointed out Ženíšek, who, according to his own words, had already spoken to party chairwoman Markéta Pekarová Adamová about the coalition with ANO.

“It bothers her within SPOL, but she understands some of my arguments,” added Ženíšek.

Complete Waterloo

In another large Pilsen district – on Doubravka – the victorious ANO for Change merged with ODS. Here, too, both parties have co-ruled for the past four years.

“We have agreed on the creation of a coalition of the ODS with the ANO movement with our partners from SPOLU, who respect such a procedure,” announced Zdeněk Mádr (ODS), who will continue to be the deputy mayor of Doubrave, in a press release.

The coalition in Pilsen no longer needs the support of the SPD. YES, Pirates and STAN will be joined by a new member of the council


Although SPOLU narrowly won over ANO in the whole of Pilsen, Radek Novák, a member of the ODS negotiating team, called the result of the municipal elections a debacle.

“Achieving fifteen mandates TOGETHER is complete Waterloo. That’s why I personally hope that the TOGETHER project is already over,” said Novák.

However, Pilsen leader SPOLU David Šlouf (ODS) saw it differently on Saturday afternoon. “People took the local elections a bit like a referendum on the government. But I am convinced that going to the elections under the banner TOGETHER was not a mistake, it was a reasonable solution,” Šlouf said.

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