The Tokyo Olympics hits straight ︱The sword god Zhang Jialang beats the world’s first brother to create history and breaks into the top 8 in foil Cai Junyan is defeated (14:40)-20210726-Sports-Real Time News

Zhang Jialang had lost three times in the previous 4 matches against Hogaini, but the most recent time, 3 years ago, he won 15-4 at the California Grand Prix, and this battle is also completely dominant. The 19th-ranked port in the world will face the Russian Olympic Committee player Kirill Borodachev, who is ranked 17th, at 2:55 pm Hong Kong time.

Another Hong Kong player Cai Junyan followed Zhang Jialang on the field, but lost to the Japanese swordsman Chongyu Shigee at 6:15. After the game, he said that he was not sure enough and he wanted to exercise again and look forward to the next Paris Olympics.

Witness the heroic appearance of the Hong Kong generals and pay attention to the Chinese and foreign stars. Ming Pao reporters Yang Baixian and Zheng Jiahui will take you directly to the Tokyo Olympics.

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