The Tories fire at Sunak before his first National Conference as Conservative leader

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Rishi Sunak arrives at his first National Conference as Conservative leader against all the headwinds and in the midst of the reopened war between the tribes tories. Labor is 18 points ahead, 34% of voters have defected (according to an Opinium poll for The Observer) and the last four premiers -of Boris Johnson a David Camerongoing by Theresa May y Liz Truss– They have openly criticized him for his decisions.

This is the emaciated panorama that awaits the president upon his arrival in Manchester, with general unrest over his alleged plans (neither denied nor confirmed) to give up the northern section of the high-speed train and the indefinite delay to the tax reduction that the bases demand.

“The best tax cut is to reduce the inflation in half,” Sunak declared in a BBC interview, without needing to remember that the United Kingdom continues to have one of the highest inflation rates in Europe (6.7%) and that the British economy has not quite taken off with its recipes, despite the packaging banker and technocrat with whom Sunak came to power.

In a tacit acknowledgment of his own mistakes since arriving at Downing Street in October 2022, Sunak admitted yesterday that “the country wants a change” and promised to “do things differently to bring about that change.” Criticized for his lack of vision of the future and his limited contact with the British, the “premier” wanted to give a populist turn to his mandate with his retreat to the environmental policies and the hard line on immigration.

The slogan with which he plans the comeback, “Long-term decisions for a brighter future”, has been quickly dismantled by comedians as “Short-term slogans for continued decline.” Even the analyst John Curticeconsidered the oracle of British politics, predicts at this point “a crushing defeat” of the tories in next year’s elections.

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