The total lunar eclipse is imminent


You still remember the Blutmond last July? The show has caused a sensation all over the world. It's time again in less than two weeks. 21st January 2019 you can get the superBlutmond looking in the sky.

Like the last year the Blutmond In the sky, many people went out to watch the show. The balsamic evening of July offered the ideal conditions.

If the Blutmond in the night from 20 to 21st January Will 2019 have so many spectators? Because instead of the evening you can observe the total lunar eclipse this time only in the early hours of the morning.

Lunar Eclipse starts at half past four at night

Start at half past three at night. Then the lunar disk begins to enter the partial shadow of the earth. From 5:41 am to 6:43 pm, the lunar eclipse lasts an hour and is more visible.

The maximum is the lunar eclipse at 6:12, when the first dawn approaches. There are 21. January to discover two phenomena in the sky: next to the Blutmond is it a super moon? This means that the moon reaches its shortest distance from the Earth and therefore can be seen even larger.

So you can take a picture of the moon in the best possible way

Who is the Blutmond 21 January he wants to photograph, he must first find it. For a dark environment it is important, because then the spectacle of the sky is better visible.

For recordings, system cameras or SLR cameras with a telephoto lens are the best, but you can also take great photos with your smartphone. For system or SLR cameras, the camera's sensitivity should not be too high. A longer exposure is an advantage.

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It is also useful to check the position, display direction and camera settings the night before.


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