World The Tourism Leaders Lobby Community (TLL) is born

The Tourism Leaders Lobby Community (TLL) is born

In a complex situation at a human and professional level, with volatile environments and maximum uncertainty, a necessary initiative for the sector has emerged known as the Tourism Leaders Lobby (TLL). The TLL Community, made up of teachers, researchers, businessmen and professionals committed to society, is open to anyone who wants to create and share knowledge, contributing ideas and generating a unique networking that contributes to successfully face any type of scenario.

Tourism Leaders Lobby (TLL) was born in the framework of the crisis caused by COVID-19 to accompany and help professionals in the tourism sector in a humanly vulnerable moment and of great economic instability. Consequently, the work teams that make up the TLL Community will provide solutions that help guide and inspire leaders so that they can apply them in their own businesses. In addition, and looking at the “D-day” when the activity is normalized, the TLL Community will lay the foundations to recover the processes with the valuable background arising from the contacts between the different work teams.

To share this knowledge, Tourism Leaders Lobby (TLL) has structured itself in open online sessions that will be attended by reputable professionals in each specialty area. Entrepreneurs, department directors, academics and consultants who will put their knowledge at the service of the collective in a debate open to the questions that may arise. To do this, video conferencing platforms over the internet and social networks such as LinkedIn will be used. The community welcomes professionals from all positions and sectors united under a common motive: moral support and accompaniment to all individuals, regardless of the position they occupy in the teams. In short, what it is about is to add with the talent and experience of all its participants.

Tourism Leaders Lobby (TTL) Community Operation

The coordinators of the Tourism Leaders Lobby Community (TLL) are José Zuloaga, director of Strategic Agreements at Ostelea Tourism Management School, Luisa Jiménez, director of the Madrid campus of Ostelea, and Eva Ballarín, speaker, teacher and strategic consultant. For José Zuloaga, it is essential to open dialogue and innovate “focusing on what will directly impact our industry”. For his part, Luisa Jiménez focuses on the expertise of the heads of the working groups and on everything they will contribute to the TLL Community.

Eva Ballarín confirms her involvement in the group and highlights the importance of training and professionalization in the tourism sector: “We are going to live in a permanent situation of crisis and it is necessary to anticipate it by providing psychological support to the actors, providing technical knowledge and maintaining direct contact with the client ”. For the MBA teacher at Ostelea, it is vital to inspire professionals in the tourism industry and develop new insides.

Manifiesto Tourism Leaders Lobby (TLL)

The raison d’être of the Community Tourism Leaders Lobby (TLL) is based on the following Manifesto. In it, inspiring phrases are compiled that lay the foundations of a disruptive and collaborative project. In short, an initiative that understands the crisis as an opportunity and looks forward with certainty and determination. All this based on the co-creation capacity of a collective that opens the doors to anyone who wants to reflect, inspire and share knowledge.

TLL Community Manifesto:



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