The Tower of London is full of visitors from all over the UK when the staff "fight to cope" with the response to the Day of Memory ...

TOWER of London visitors in large numbers hastened to see the flames lit to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War with queues up to two hours.

The 10,000 torches have been exposed in the dry moat since Monday.

gavin rodgers / pixel8000

Visitors queued for hours to see the 10,000 torch tributes

But an influx of people on Friday night caused long queues and traffic problems because a lane outside the fortress was closed for pedestrian safety.

A Twitter user described how a director had to reject jumper attempts, saying, "The road is not part of the queue, you're on the road."

Emma added: "Mostly terrible organization of the queue off the ground, but she was the very clear voice of an absurd attitude for people who jumped in the queue."

Another disappointed visitor said that "you can get a view from Tower Bridge because you can not queue for 2 hours to get to the lower level".

A Twitter user has praised a director for managing the jumpers of the queue

gavin rodgers / pixel8000

A disappointed visitor could get a view from the Tower Bridge because he could not wait for 2 hours

Transport for London was forced to issue a travel warning at 6:30 pm due to traffic jams that extend to East London.

But someone did not mind waiting.

Matthew George tweeted: "Thousands of people line up until a torrential rain on Friday night for Beyond The Deepening Shadow at the Tower of London.

"An act of mass memory for those who died in the war that should have ended all wars".

The Tower of London has published the delays on Twitter

The Tower of London yesterday published on Twitter: "C & # 39; was an incredible public response to #TowerRemembers.

"Our team is working hard to ensure that everyone is able to view the installation safely, but please expect big queues.

"We are advising those wishing to visit to arrive after 7.30pm for the best opportunity to see the installation from Tower Hill. #TowerRemembers will finish at 9.00pm."

The lighting ceremony will be broadcast live on Facebook at 5:00 pm on November 11th.

Some visitors seemed not to regret the expectation
Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron visit the memorial of the First World War in the Somme, in the north of France


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