The Toyota Yaris Cross is not for sale yet, but it is already attracting to a new version

The Toyota brand will finally enter the popular small SUV segment in Europe this year. Even before the start of sales, it attracts the arrival of a new version of Adventure.

The Toyota Yaris Cross was to become one of the stars of last year’s Geneva Motor Show, but after its cancellation, the premiere of the new small SUV was postponed. Already at the unveiling, however, the carmaker stated that the Yaris Cross would not go on sale until 2021. The upcoming market announcement is announced by the newly introduced version, which will be available at the time of sale.

It’s called Adventure, and it differs from the Elegant version presented in last year’s first Yaris Cross films by several design elements emphasizing the adventurer’s character of this small SUV. There are also better protected bumpers, 18-inch alloy wheels in dark color or roof rails, which give the car a more robust look. Inside, we can look forward to leatherette upholstery or original gold stitching.

The carmaker has also released other images of the introductory edition of the Yaris Cross Premiere Edition. It is based on the Adventure, but differs against it by specific 18-inch wheels or special leather upholstery. The Premiere Edition will only be available during the first 12 months after the launch of sales. It will also be available in gold metallic.

Toyota points out that the Yaris Cross is built on the same foundation as the small Yaris hatchback, with which the small SUV shares a 2,560 mm wheelbase. However, thanks to the stretched overhangs of the body, it is 240 mm longer, and also significantly higher, specifically the ground clearance has increased by 30 mm. Unlike the Yaris, however, the SUV will also be available with all-wheel drive, using an electronically controlled system that connects the rear-axle drive if required.

However, the design is very different from the Yaris, for example, the bow is conceived completely differently with high-mounted headlights. Even if the motif of interconnected tail lights is not missing here either. The same is the concept of the interior with a free-standing touch screen of the multimedia system at the top of the center panel. It has a diagonal of nine inches.

The Yaris will also be matched by a hybrid system, with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder under the hood with a total output of 85 kW. The carmaker has not yet revealed whether other motorizations will be available.

The Toyota Yaris Cross will be manufactured at the Valenncienes plant in France, alongside the regular Yaris. The carmaker will start accepting orders for the car during the second quarter of the year, but the novelty will not reach the first customers until September 2021.


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