The Trabada fire (Lugo) is still active and has already burned 1,200 hectares

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The forest fire that has affected the Lugués municipality of Trapped (Lugo) and which has already devastated 1,200 hectares, continues to be active early this Saturday, in which Xunta technicians consider the four fires in nearby areas declared in Foz (Lugo).

The last balance offered at 9:30 a.m. this Saturday Ministry of the Rural Environment The state and affected area of ​​the Trabada fire remains unchanged, which threatened houses, forced roads to be cut – including the A-8 – and reached the neighboring municipality of Ribadeo (Lugo).

Thus, the Xunta points out that the fire “evolves favorably”, which made it possible to deactivate ‘situation 2’ on Friday afternoon, the name by which the action protocol is known in case of danger for inhabited areas due to the proximity of the calls.

The latest estimate offered by the Rural Environment Department, which recognized on Friday the difficulties in accurately measuring the perimeter of the flames due to the presence of smoke, places the area affected by the fire at 1,200 hectares.

Since its beginning at noon on Thursday –the Xunta points to intentionality as the main cause–, six technicians, 58 agents, 78 brigades, 57 motor pumps, three shovels, five technical support units, one tractor, six airplanes and three hectares have worked in the area.

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