The trailer for the new episodes of “Rick and Morty” has been released. They will be released in May – if this is not an April Fools rally

Adult Swim has published on YouTube a trailer for the new episodes of the animated series “Rick and Morty.”

In the trailer, you can see the main characters in costumes similar to robots from anime anime, an entire army of armed Ricks, the dog Snuffles from the first season of the series (now he wears a humanoid exoskeleton and fights with a cat), Morty, who shoots everything around him from a spaceship, and much more.

This is the trailer for the second part of the fourth season of the series. The first five episodes were released in November, and the remaining five will be released on May 3.

However, users in the comments under the video show doubts about the fact that the trailer is not an April Fool’s joke from the TV channel. “I hate the first of April, this is the day when I constantly wonder about the objectivity of what is happening,” one commentator wrote. “Adult Swim: publishes a promo on April 1st. All: press X to start doubting, ”another joked.

A few days ago, Samurai & Shogun anime short based on Rick and Morty came out. In it, Rick Samurai shreds an army of ninjas who want to get little Morty, the “shogun”. You can read about why Rick and Morty is the best animated series of our time here.

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